i'm sarah. welcome to the fluf.

beach hooky


tips for successfully running away from all of your problems, including (but not limited to) the beginning of your senior year of college:
ft. the beautiful & talented Miss Amaleah Perry

1. avoid the problem completely and go to the beach. hunting island, south carolina is a great choice. really anywhere besides school is ideal.

2. enlist at least one good friend to join you in your denial of real life responsibilities.

3. have a random - but very good - playlist.

4. ALWAYS have multiple outfit changes. you never know which very important occasions may arise, such as “OMG I just rly wanna wear my kimono and floppy hat on the beach like a free people ad or sum shit, u kno?”

5. as the great abraham albert amadeus einstein lincoln once said, “live, laugh, luv, & leave school until tomorrow. yolo”


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