dlf dress your tech

For those of you who haven’t fallen into the beautiful blackhole of the internet called  Design Love Fest  yet… you’re welcome.

My favorite thing that DLF does every week is a Dress Your Tech post in which they partner with all sorts of cool artists to make free (!!! I love free!) artsy fartsy laptop and phone backgrounds. I like to think that this keeps me artfully inspired while I open my computer to rewatch Game of Thrones instead of studying or unlock my phone to check for the 20th time if you-know-who has opened my snap yet.

Here are a few of my favorites:

All images from Design Love Fest: Georgiana Paraschiv . June Letters Studio (2 of them) . Jessica Bruggink . Yao Cheng . Free People, of course . Our Heiday’s “Hustle” background that went Pinterest viral . Caroline Lee of Echo and Earl . Danielle Kroll’s lovely nude beach ladies . & finally Julie Song’s watercolor flowers.

Anyone else have a favorite corner of the internet that contains free wallpapers n other fun artsy junk? Please share ;)