good conversation with... shelby eggers


Meet Shelby! Also known as Sheggers. Film producer, magazine editor, wearer of fun pins, and someone I've been glad to call my boss and my friend. She loves podcasts and these are her suggestions.

by Shelby Eggers

“Podcasts are great, radio is boring”- Tom Haverford

However, podcasts are an incredible part of the many terrible parts of the millennial society that we live in. One thing I love about podcasts is that most of them are either immensely well-researched, ridiculously funny or incredibly honest. So, if you are bored or trying to avoid talking to someone, pop in those earbuds and listen to some of these hilarious and informative podcasts.

Note: Most of these podcasts are on the top 100 podcasts so that means A) I’m not a podcast hipster (dang) and B) that is always a good place to find top notch podcasts.

Something Funny…

1.   GUYS WE F#@$!D
Ladies, gentlemen. People of all sizes, shapes and colors who have funny bones or sexual organs, THIS is a podcast for you. These two women comedians are freaking hilarious and openly, like extremely openly, discuss sex. It will make you rethink your own thoughts about sex but also make you want to go out and have some (ay-oo). #sexytime #useprotection

Something Mysterious...and Funny...

2.    My Favorite Murder
TRUE CRIME FANS (which I assume is everyone) go download immediately because this podcast, hosted by two hilarious L.A. natives, is a discussion and (often factually inaccurate) re-telling of some of the world’s most infamous murders. Although murder is nothing to laugh about, these women keep it light but never hesitate to note how scary and fucked up life can be. #staysexy #dontgetmurdered

Something Political...

3.    The Pollsters
Two women (one Republican and one Democrat) whose jobs require them to conduct political polls discuss the ongoing political campaign for president, presenting facts and well-formed opinions about the current state of things. They aren’t trying to tell you who to vote for – they are just giving you the facts. #vote #govote #votevotevote

Something Important...

4.    Code Switch
Journalists of color at NPR started this podcast to talk about race and identity. This podcast is an intelligent and open-minded discussion of the very topical and important topic of race. Anyone looking for a new and intelligent (cannot emphasize that enough) perspective should check out this podcast. #journalism #nprforever #marrymegenedemby