got 6 small council: oathbreaker

Hello again, nerds. Keepin it short & sweet this week.
My biggest takeaway from this episode was how subtly lit Jon Snow’s Night Watch departure was. Secondly, v v pissed that we still haven’t confirmed the identity of his mother. Also as much as I like people to be quiet while I’m watching GOT, Steve barely reacts to anything and I may have to kick him off this internet talk show if he doesn’t give us some more ~*feeling*~ to go off of. (He made one comment in this entire episode).

Priorities: 1. GOT 2. Drink 3. Graduate 

Priorities: 1. GOT 2. Drink 3. Graduate 


Sar: This is such a weird angle on Davos’ face.

Cat: I’m very comfortable. This feels like a horror movie.

Sar: Did you just say you’re comfortable with horror movies?

Cat: NO I said uncomfortable!

What color are Jon’s eyes?!

He’s breathing so deeply…

Did he just stare at his dick and start gasping?

Sar: All this fast breathing is gonna make me hyperventilate.

Cat: I don’t think you’re supposed to say the word “die” to someone who has died?

What a stupid piece of dialogue. *British accent* “I did what I thought was right and I got murdered for it! Oh Lawd!”

Jon: I failed. Onion Knight: Good. Now go fail again.

Steve: That’s a good line.

Sar: Yeah, not too cliché. Just lit.

Steve: Didn’t have to give him a life lesson…

Sar: Cuz he already died.

The ppl gather to see him.

Cat: Shit’s about to get reeeeal! Can you imagine committing treason and then the dude you murdered comes back from the dead? They dooone.
Wait, where are the other guys? Did they kill them? The rude ones?!

Sar: “Rude”? That’s a nice way to describe some murderers lol. But no, Alliser and Company are still alive.


Despite her okayness w the constant sex and violence on this show, Cat is extremely disturbed by seeing Sam’s bile of all things.

Sar: Why is Gilly talking like the world’s most annoying idiot? “I’ve heard it’s the most beautiful city in West-er-os.”

Sam tells Gilly he’s taking her to his family home.

Cat: Sam’s dad is a rat bastard.
*SHRIEKS* That baby is SO cute.

Sar: Yeah … it should probably be a lot uglier since it’s Craster’s inbred son??


Sar: I just really wish this was at night, I always pictured it that way. I realize it might’ve been hard to film but I feel like there should at least be a storm brewing or something… I feel like it literarily doesn’t make sense for it to be so sunny.

Cat: OMG he stabbed him in the back!

Sar: I don’t really understand the way these people think of honor sometimes. Like, yeah, the dude can’t see you coming if you stab him in the back, but Ned would have died if Howland Reed hadn’t just done that. Why does it matter how he saved his life? Was Ned just supposed to die and not save his sister because it would be more honorable?

I also literally don’t understand the purpose of that moment where Ned turns around and it seems like he hears Bran. Like is it to remind Bran that it’s dangerous to stay in the past too long?

Cat: I forget he’s a cripple lol I was like why is he casually lounging while he speaks with so much passion?

The tree guy looks like BJ Novak… No wait, JK Simmons. I always get those two mixed up.


Sar: When she announces all her names and titles, I sometimes feel like she’s doing a confidence exercise. Just looking in the mirror going “I AM Daenerys! I AM the Queen!”


Tyrion attempts conversation with Grey Worm and Missandei.

Cat: This is so painful.
(That pretty much sums it up.)


Sar: OMG that was definitely a lil fart by Pycelle.

Cat: Who tf is that running the council? Her uncle?

Sar: Yeah, Kevan. With an a.

Cat: Ugh. Like a bad hipster.

“You can't make us stay. Unless you’re going to have that thing kill us all” – Kevan to Cersei as he gets up and leaves

Sar: I literally thought that The Mountain lowkey was going to kill them all.

Cat: That was such a childish little, “Well if you’re not gonna leave, we will."

Sar: Yeah like the Mean Girls lunchroom.


Sar: Literally all I can ever think about Tommen is that he looks like a toad.

OK the High Sparrow talks about all that he has to atone for but like, I don’t see you walking naked thru the streets bro. 

Cat with sudden sympathy for Tommen the pathetic toad: Dude this kid has no siblings any more. His mom’s a bitch…

Sar: And his uncle/dad is basically good for nothing at this point.

I can’t decide if I’m rooting for the Lannisters or just waiting for them to be killed off once and for all cause that’s how it looks like this is going


Sar: I keep getting annoyed by all the different gods in this show and thinking that there’s eventually going to be an explanation of how all the gods are really the same one and then I remember that that’s not how it is in the real world lol. Like, there’s no official world religion. No one knows who’s right or wrong.

Cat: What’s the point of beating Arya like this? And why are they asking her all about her old self if she’s supposed to be No One?

Sar: Yeah I don’t get it. My brother has this theory that once she’s proven herself, they’re going to assign her to kill people that were on her list. But doesn’t that defeat the point?

This whole scene definitely reminds me of the Mulan training montage.

Arya is about to officially become a Faceless Man but she has to drink some poison first??? 

Cat: Shit she can’t be queen now man, she’s out.
He’s not gonna make her drink it is he? Does she have to die?

I don’t think I’d do it.

Sar: Yeah I definitely would not have done any of this in the first place. I’m definitely a Sansa.


Cat: OMG Tonks?
Wait it’s not Rickon with her is it?

Puberty hit you like a bus kiddo! His hair makes him look like Chase from Zoey 101.

Sar: I’m so mad they killed Shaggy Dog. I knew Rickon was going to be the surprise but I didn’t even consider that Shaggy Dog might be dead. Only 2 direwolves left. Plus Nymeria if she’s still alive.


Jon snow walks out onto the balcony in front of all the wildlings / Night’s Watch & they’re like, “the fuuuuck”

Cat: *laughs...* Literally, their minds must be blooown.

Sar: How can Alliser Thorne be so stupid?

Cat: Yeah but he truly believes in what he’s saying you know?

Sar: Yeah but how can you truly believe in something so stupid?!

Cat: He that dees the dealt hangs the sword, you know? Whoever smelt it dealt it.

We are subjected to the view of the hanged men’s feet thrashing around and then we see Ollie and Alliser’s puffy dead faces.

Cat: Oh my god

Cat starts laughing when Jon says “You should burn them” & gives the other dude his Lord Commander coat

Sar: Isn’t that so lit tho?!

Cat: Yeah except he just took off his overcoat and where the hell is he even going to go? He’s going to freeze and die! It’s going to be so embarrassing when he shows back up and has to be like, “Sorry, forgot I have to pack all my things”. LOL