happening lately: i love bed

what's happening lately is that
i love bed
december 2015

tumblr     bed inspo.

tumblr bed inspo.

Ok so. You go home to your parents' couch for Thanksgiving week and you do nothing. You watch all the Star Wars movies and start getting ready for the holiday season and eat a lot of mac n cheese and basically anything else you can find in the pantry.

THEN, after gaining a couple pounds and becoming sleepier each day like a fat, happy bear about to succumb to a winter-long hibernation, you suddenly end up back at school for two stressful weeks of exams that will make or break your semester, your holiday season, your GPA, your future career path, YOUR WHOLE DAMN LIFE. 

Whose idea was this, exactly? 

So these are some thoughts I've been having:
They say that sleep helps you retain information, right?

So like, if I study in bed, and then sleep, and then pretend to study some more, get lost in a blackhole of Jimmy Fallon videos, make a painstaking two-step trip to the bathroom, fall asleep on the toilet for a sec (did I even pee?), and then go back to bed. . .
I will surely pass my classes, right?

This seems like a recipe for success. Or at least, supreme, cuddly happiness. 
Which is basically success, RIGHT?

Here are some important things you should feast your eyes on / dream about when you, too, are "studying" / vaguely wondering if you will ever make it to the end of this semester / napping endlessly. 
(At what point is a nap no longer a nap? When it's been 6 hours and your roommate checks your breathing to make sure you're still alive?)

My new theme song.

ICYMI: everyone is back on the J Biebs train & this video is one of the best things since Hotline Bling.

Fast forward to 3:33 if you want to see some str8 babies dance better than you ever could.

And, last but most important, this Star Wars cast photo shoot video that is making me questionably emotional. Photos by Marco Grob for TIME.

AND NOW, I am going back to sleep.

sleepy sarah