i've made my bed


i’ve made my bed
and now i have to lie in it
with you
and your other woman

i’m alone
but you
’re still here

and her.

i’m sure she doesn’t even know
the things you said to me
all your promises
and your lies

you seem to have forgotten them too
but i remember
and here we are

and her.

i invited you in
i couldn’t make you leave
and then you got bored
i couldn’t make you stay

or were you lonely?
you claim you don
’t know
so i never will

and you.

where do i fit into this?
i don
never should have been here

and yet
you begged me to stay
you wanted to fight for me
to not give up

did you forget
your desperate plea?
your urge to fight?

you just gave up
and when you did

you forgot to tell me

so along came her
while i was still here
and here we are

and me
and her.

it doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong
i feel how i feel and nothing will change it

it doesn’t matter what sort of label we had or didn’t
i didn’t love you any less
and it’s not easier to digest

i thought i wanted you to stay silent
because nothing you could say could make this any better

i thought i wanted to hear your answers
because my head is spinning and i wanted to try and understand

but it doesn’t matter what you thought or if you didn’t think at all
it happened and there’s nothing to be done
i feel how i feel and nothing will change it

a heart broken needs no answer
a heart broken is there to stay
a heart broken is mine to suffer

and it is yours in fault.

the difference between a child and an adult
is the knowledge of how one’s actions affecting others

a child may be sweet, charming
but he is unfamiliar with consequence

his mother must protect him,
remind him to apologize

she gently chastises him for his wrongs
and he forgets his crimes once his time in the corner is up

the difference between a child and an adult
is the love of others before oneself

its hard to reprimand a child
so seemingly sweet
so fragile and selfish
so destructive

but someone made the mess
and now it must be tidied

the child has left it in his wake
and run on to find another toy

the adult will clean up the mess and move forward
slowly, cautiously
exasperated by the noise of it all

and years from now
the child will look back
and realize that hes broken all his toys
and he has no one to help him clean his mess

the difference between an adult and a child
is the ability to learn from mistakes
admit wrongs
make amends
and love well.