self caring


Over the last month, we sought to define self care. For a lot of us, the phrase conjures images of skincare products, romantic evenings in the bath, maybe an occasional Netflix binge. For me, it can come in the form of flowers, flea markets, repeating outfits, good music, and baking from scratch.

But more often and more importantly, it looks like: unplugging, exercising, holding myself accountable, standing up for what I believe in, keeping my room clean, homemade green smoothies, being present in the moment with friends and family, and trying to cultivate an ~inner stillness~ which an astrology website may or may not have told me is important to Tauruses and that 100% resonated with me.

Take care of yourselves so you can be your best selves, friends. Let's start with the women and men in our mirrors and make the world a better place ;)

Art Direction: Isabelle Vannucci
Photography: Tavis Gray
Producer: Catie Stewart
Creative Direction: Sarah Crawford