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Punk princesses & vampy villains … Fairytales are in full swing currently, and although the new Cinderella movie doesn’t seem grim by any means, delving into the dark side of these stories has been a big trend in this revival. 
And it isn’t just something we’re seeing in movies, but of course, cultural movements like this always closely influence fashion & music as well. 

Leading women like gothy princess Lorde, dark angel Lana del Rey, queen Beyoncé, and even former good girl Taylor Swift have been bringing this trend to the forefront of the music scene.

Taylor Swift (   Blank Space   ) in Elie Saab FW14

Taylor Swift (Blank Space) in Elie Saab FW14

The Grimm Brothers’ fairytales were originally much darker than the sugarcoated, happily ever after versions we’ve come to love today.  As a literary nerd, I can’t help thinking that this new gothic aesthetic more accurately reflects the spooky world that those stories invoked… Maybe with a little more modern sex appeal than the Brothers would have imagined ;)

Case in point: Beyoncé (   Haunted   ) in Michael Cinco FW 13 & a black Swarovski crystal crown

Case in point: Beyoncé (Haunted) in Michael Cinco FW 13 & a black Swarovski crystal crown

I love that this movement is darker, sleeker, and sexier than your typical poofy princess look, reflecting the modern idea that humans are not purely good or evil, but a mixture of both. 

Whether it’s in    high fashion    or the    Victoria’s Secret       fashion show   , the new gothic princess is a beautiful nightmare

Whether it’s in high fashion or the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, the new gothic princess is a beautiful nightmare

The finishing touch for this trend is haunting & powerful music to steel your nerves as you paint your nails black, wing your eyeliner, and don your spikiest, sexiest, darkest look and prepare to conquer the world.
WARNING: this playlist is NSFW. Sometimes you just can't censor art.