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S A R A H   C R A W F O R D
 founder + chief fluf officer

Writer / photographer / wannabe DJ / biiig fan of cheese pizza / just trying to make it, okay?

T A V I S   G R A Y
contributing writer + podcast host

Tavis Gray is a human who writes mostly about himself.
He lives in Los Angeles where the cool people wear black.
Tavis owns nothing black.

Find more of his musings here.

E M I L Y   O W A R T
photographer + podcast producer

C A T I E   S T E W A R T
photographer + content editor

photo by Will Stewart

photo by Will Stewart

Catie Stewart doesn't like writing about herself & Sarah makes her take all the pictures for this blog.
Her interests include: big cats, John Wayne, Bill Murray, pasta, & floofy animal paws.
Her favorite aesthetics are : 1- Nancy Reagan and 2- Ash Ketchum