good conversation...with erin herbst

BY ERIN HERBST | I wish I was a classy woman that read a lot. You know, the type of mysterious woman that immerses herself in a second-hand copy of Atlas Shrugged while riding the bus home. Here’s the reality: I haven’t picked up a book in almost four weeks.

ridin round

I wanted to capture that in this video. The unbeatable feeling of finding that perfect outfit, that perfect summer song, and the perfect people to listen to it with. And eat rooftop pizza with. And shenanigan around a grocery store with while shopping for cat litter. Nothing beats feeling so simultaneously weird and understood and comfortable and cool.

adventure is out there

Last week I wrote about my determination to relocate to the opposite end of this grand country because destiny or whatever. WELL, ready or not, here I come! I am beyond excited and a bit overwhelmed to announce that I’m officially leaving in less than a month and never coming back!!!