love on the go

by Caroline Nicholson

It is gas pumps and airport security
The packing and unpacking and repacking of bags
It’s understanding for the first time in your life what it feels like to miss someone
Leaving parts of yourself scattered across the globe until you can’t remember what you have lost
It is all these things but good things too
Love like this means discovering new people and new places and falling in love with both
It is excitement and passion and adventure
This isn’t a love that falls into a routine but rather breaks it
A love that goes out in the middle of the night to explore because there are no responsibilities
It’s a vacation kind of love
The warmth of beaches, the wind of the cities, and the fuzzy feeling of travel
It is orange juice to erase the hangovers and coffee before the journey home
Saying goodbye in person and picking up a phone
It’s abnormal and irregular but still love
A love that travels and suffers and loses many things for the other
It is having different time zones but sharing the same heart
An inconsistent, stable love
It is love on the go