monthly fluf: june 2019

To inspire your month ahead:
everything we did last month.

Trevor Blake Jackson / Miss He The Queen

First, in makeup lewks of her own creation.
Next, captured in red by Bianca Garcia (dress from Iron Pony Shop, whose collection you can find at Athens’ best vintage spot, Atomic).
Miss He serving it up in royal purple and gold at the hottest spot north of Havana, Mary’s. If you’re in Atlanta, don’t forget to come to the 2019 Glitz Competition and vote #TEAMMISSHE! Photo by Mark Morin.
And lastly, in glorious green at a This Free Life event hosted by Barry Brandon, For All Humans, and Ivana Lynette Fisher. Captured by Iris Ray.

Maddie Newton

All of the clothes are thrifted (-: 


Chichi Offor

Tanya Taylor red floral dress + Nicholas prairie girl dress!

Marco Martinez

Love Yourself by Sufjan Stevens
Bruises by Yumi Zouma 
Walk on The Wild Side by Lou Reed
Playground by Steve Lacy
Too Much by Carly Rae Jepsen
Do You Love Her Now by Jai Paul
Dress Up by The Regrettes

Always be My Maybe dir. by Nahnatchka Khan should be on your radar if you have a Netflix subscription! I'm incredibly happy that another Asian-American romcom is receiving this attention and it bodes well for representation in Hollywood. I got to re-watch an old favorite of mine called Badlands dir. by Terrence Malik on my flight to Spain and I watched The Favourite dir. by Yorgos Lanthimos on the return flight. I was thoroughly entertained by the latter because of how it turned the overdone period drama genre on its head. Great performances up and down the cast and the soundtrack is unforgettable! I'm planning on seeing Booksmart dir. by Olivia Wilde at some point this week, I've heard nothing but great things about the film.

Wow I actually cannot believe this but I purchased ZERO clothing items in May! A personal goal of mine was to become a more conscious consumer by purchasing things with thoughtful consideration instead of allowing myself to acquire something on impulse. Anyway, we've turned over to June and I purchased two more milsurp berets to push my current beret count to 6!! 

Maggie Mayes

May was spent eating fruit in parks around New York with friends. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 6.06.46 PM.png

Tavis gray

Back on my Anne Carson bullshit with Glass, Irony and God, which includes a perfect essay in verse about walking English moors under the influence of Emily Brontë. Finally got to Zadie Smith's Feel Free. Love her deeply. Even more so now that I know she accidentally burned down her Roman apartment in a period of writer's block (she's a scorpio). Starting this month with Eve Babitz's Slow Days, Fast Companywhich contains a far superior essay on LA's siroccos than anything Joan Didion or Raymond Chandler have on offer. 

Criterion Channel! René Clair's I Married a Witch (Veronica Lake with dazzling hair, generational curses, lots of waffle eating) and George Cukor's The Women (introduced me to Norma Shearer who barbs perfectly with Joan Crawford). Elsewhere: Last Days of Disco30 Rock re-re-re-re-re-∞-watch, and Spanish boat-forward soap Alta Mar (it is not good; everyone is beautiful). 

Eartha Kitt rewindMegan Thee Stallion, Charli XCX's Sucker (SUE ME!), and the Booksmart soundtrack (sue me again!!!!)

It's gloomy in LA so.......soup

Sarah Crawford

This May, I turned 25. I always thought I’d get married at 25, so I instead I had a Central Park picnic and a Bushwick disco party. Unwedded bliss ain’t so bad after all… Carly Rae, Tyler the Creator, and Lana all released new music to bless me on my big day. “Party for One,” am I right? :)

3am by Caro (Read her Behind the Genius interview!)
Carly Rae all day
Lana del Rey’s cover of Doin’ Time
Old Sufjan Stevens
To June This Morning (Such a beautiful love poem turned song. I love June Carter and Johnny Cash.)

This important Beyoncé x Lion King Twitter video Tavis just texted me…
And Medici: The Magnificent!!! I have been impatiently waiting for literal years to watch this follow up to Medici: Masters of Florence, in which Hot Robb Stark played Cosimo Medici. Now I have a new crush on his grandson Lorenzo de’ Medici! Also into his frenemy Francesco Pazzi, who is obviously a Scorpio. Every element of this show—from the production/costume design to the politics to the actors—is so. hott. Love a filthy rich family championing the arts and trying to turn their oligarchy into a republic!

A Farm Rio dress for my birthday picnic and for the evening’s disco party, Na Nin’s chili red tie top and Sezane’s golden moment skirt (and mama’s hand-me-down jewelry).
For everything else, Rent the Runway! If you’re a shopaholic / label hoe like me, and you can afford it, it’s well worth a subscription. Especially if you live in a city where they have a brick and mortar location to pick up and drop off orders from.
Recent favorites include this Chinti & Parker rainbow sweater paired with Alice McCall overalls that were perhaps more notably seen on Queen Kacey… plus a goldenrod tiered dress by Rejina Pyo and a rosy Reformation number. And bought my creamy, dreamy vintage-style lace-up booties from my dear friend Heana’s Instagram shop!