june horoscopes

by Taylor Mikiska

It’s officially June, Fluf bbs! The Sun is shining bright in Gemini and we’re feeling all the goodness and joy of summertime. Finally! June will give us several chances to escape our regular reality but not without a catch. While we’re in this season of duality, it will be best used to assess your options and move forward with only things that feel most aligned to you and you alone. It’s easy to get caught up in the expectations of others during this super social season, which is why finding some space for you time is extra important this month!


We started the month, as we usually do, with a glorious new moon on June 3! With the sun, new moon, and Venus in Gemini, “newness” is a big theme throughout the month, and for most of us, this will be a wonderful time to embrace all things different. You’ll feel the rush of fresh seeds planted, beginning to sprout. You’ll feel the urge for quick day trips and cheap thrills. And to that I say, take them! Sometimes a quick jolt is just what we need to get back on track with the usual orders of business. 

Mercury traded Gemini for Cancer on June 4, making our communication styles much more personal. We’re getting into the juicy stuff in our conversations, and we’re listening extra hard. Take care not to take things too personally, as this placement can also make us ultra defensive, especially while Venus moves into Gemini on June 8, bringing with it lighter attitudes around romance and finance.

Lovers’ quarrels are likely during this time, but remind yourself that the earth keeps turning, the sun keeps burning, and one day we’ll be out of Gemini season and feeling much more grounded. These placements can be transformative if we allow them the space. Try to allow yourself to be a little mushier with your words and a little freer with your money this month.

The Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune shifts happening this month create a lot of mental fog. We’re gonna feel up, down, and moving all around—but mostly like we’re in a bit a of a dream state. When things start spinning, feel free to tap out. This period will call for mental health days and lots of rest, which if we take them, will give us the time to start to call in the things we really want. It allows us to greet our spirituality and feel the boundaries of illusions and reality.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 17 calls us to tie up any loose ends, especially related to education and travel. The desire to take risks will be at an all time high with this moon and it’s beyond important to create boundaries that keep you safe. Create a plan to finish the job, release it, and relax. There is much caution to be taken this week.

We’ll feel the urge to explore a little danger, and while a little danger can’t hurt, everyone’s tolerances are different and it’s important to find the line. The Full Moon leads us right into the Summer Solstice and the Sun’s entrance into Cancer on June 21! Fertility is abundant, in mind, body, and spirit, so use this solstice to explore the magic you can create.

We end the month with a Mercury move from Cancer to Leo. Words can get dramatic and you might be feeling like you want to bulldoze any narrative that opposes your own.

Stay humble through June, friends! As with any month, this one is likely to teach us all sorts of lessons, with an extra special touch of getting more aligned every day with the people we want to be. As usual, I’ve pulled a tarot card for each sign to guide us through the month. Let’s break it down sign by sign, shall we?



The Tower

Change is coming, Aries. It is imminent and unavoidable. Of all the signs, you thrive on change, but it can be a bit unsettling when it’s change you haven’t anticipated or planned for in any way. This might feel heavily contractual in the process but whatever’s changing will ultimately be for the best. Examine the seeds you’ve truly sowed, not the ones you’d like to believe you have. Study the relationships and friendships that are especially true and built on the kind of compatibility that lasts. Anything that’s built on unstable ground is bound to collapse at some point. Take notes of impulsive patterns and see where they lead you. Take a moment of gratitude for what you have that’s stood the test of time and make peace with letting go of what hasn’t.


The Lovers

Look around you Taurus, even though the entire world is available to you, you already have every single thing you need. Look in the mirror and see what’s there: the magic of the entire universe is you. Now is the time to call it all in, especially if you’re looking for love! But be specific, and know what you bring to the party. It’s time to collaborate with anyone and anything that excites your soul. If you feel like something’s missing, as yourself, “is it really?” Then go back to that mirror, back to you. Let your fantasies drive your pursuits this month while you stay grounded and confident in who you are and what you deserve. Let them all come to you. You’ve only ever caught flies with honey and that’s exactly what you’re doing this June. You don’t even know another way to do it.


Three of Rods

We begin June with the Sun in your sign and by week two, Venus is there as well. Gemini Season brings us every opportunity to dream BIG and that’s your plan all month long, Gemini. Take time to recognize who you really want on this journey with you and notice who’s been there all along. New opportunities are pouring in for you but you’ve gotta ask yourself which ones feel worth your time. Where’s it going to lead? Is that a place you really want to go? When everything’s in alignment—the people, the place, the vision—the sky is the limit on what you can achieve. See all the seeds you’ve planted and start nurturing what’s sprouted through! It will all be fruit one day, but it can happen quicker than you think, so make sure you’re prepared when it’s time to harvest.


Four of Pentacles

The way you view your relationship to material possessions now sets the tone for how you’ll handle them long term, Cancer. Lack mindset only keeps you believing you don’t deserve financial stability when you absolutely do. At the same time, being hyper-focused on material gain can keep you from enjoying the journey. This is the time to get really clear about what matters. If disaster struck (god forbid), what would you truly need? As amazing as it can feel to be a caretaker and provider, we have to ask what we’re providing and for who? And what would happen if all the “stuff” just disappeared? Take stock in what you already have, and find joy in the day to day of people and experiences.


Page of Swords

You’re making a plan, and it’s all happening right on track, Leo. Don’t be afraid to share that plan with the other people it may involve, and talk through the details with them. You’re being encouraged to see a developing situation with clarity, and to be a voice of reason amidst potential chaos, but you won’t need to do it all alone. You’ll find there are others who feel just like you, but you’ve got to put it out there to find them. Do you best to stay open to receiving, especially if what you’re getting is some bitter medicine.  You won’t want to take it, but swallowing your pride when you actually want to tear someone apart will work out in your favor when the same situation comes up again and you get to remind them you were right. The plan will remain on track despite whatever hiccups arise along the way, as long as you don’t try to do it all on your own.


The Magician

It’s time to work your magic, Virgo! That magic you’ve had in you all this time. Everything is working. Everything you want is a yes and you’re the one making it happen. Don’t doubt the tools you have- you created those tools. The alchemist, the sorcerer, the craftsman- you’re learning to be all of the things you’ve always known you were. That’s not to say it will be totally without challenge, just that the challenge is part of your magic act, it’s the transformation, and you know it. But any magician worth their salt is forever a student and forever an inventor, so don’t put those things on the back burner while you’re concocting your next big reveal.




Justice is your card, Libra, which tells me you’re showing up as your most authentic self this month.  It also tells me you’re ready to make a choice. When you’re greeted with options this month, use reason and intuition evenly, and don’t let one hold more weight than the other.  You’re ready to get to the core of what’s been going on around you. Cut the noise, cut the external, cut the need for validation from others. What do you do when no one’s watching? That’s the kind of energy you’re ready to bring out. If you’re searching to find a world that’s in alignment with you, it’s up to you to create it.


Knight of Pentacles

You’re in whatever you’re in right now for the long haul, Scorpio, so set yourself up for success. Clean your room, go buy some groceries, open a savings account. Set yourself up to have habits you admire in others.  Think about that person that always makes you say, “Wow, they really have their shit together.” That person could be you! It’s okay to let things build slowly. What’s the rush? What are you racing against? If t’s meant for you, it will always be there. Take stock of each of your responsibilities and commit to giving them the attention they deserve and require, and don’t forget that resting is as much a responsibility as anything else, so let yourself have that too.


Ace of Rods

This is the ultimate invitation to take a chance on something new. Your charm is at an all time high, Sagittarius, and your instincts are dead on, so trust that and let yourself play. Nothing is set in stone, so use this month to embrace your freedom. Let yourself indulge in things that feel frivolous, which maybe they are, but the world can shove off and let you live! Now is the time to let newness in- new opportunities, new clothes, new love! You know things are never going to just stop moving, so enjoy the ride, wherever it leads this month!


Nine of Cups & Page of Cups

A jumper in the cards and both of them outside of Capricorn’s comfort zone! What’s the worst that could happen if you let yourself get completely lost in your fantasies for just a minute? When was the last time you let yourself do it? This month is begging you to tend to your deepest desires. The ones that excite you most, the ones that scare you shit-less, and even the ones that break your heart. You’re gonna get exactly what you want, but it’s not going to look like you thought it would. Let it surprise you—let it turn out to be better than you imagined. Take your hands off the wheel for just a second. Let yourself be held by something bigger than you.


Ace of Cups

Begin again, Aquarius, you know this better than just about any other sign. There’s never a bad time to start over. Go somewhere new, somewhere deeper. If you’re getting a call, answer it. Whatever or whoever is on the other end wants to lead you into all the best places within yourself. What does spirituality look like to you? When was the last time you explored and experimented with the spiritual side of yourself. Now’s the time to connect with that and be open to what it can teach you. Feel free to interpret whatever signs and signals you’re receiving. Look for patterns and prepare yourself for a conversation with the universe.


The Devil

We are the only thing that can truly hold us back.  Even when it feels like an external force is determining your circumstances, you are in control of your relationship with that force. This is not the time to play the victim. Eliminate the thoughts of, “Why is this happening to me?” and replace them with, “What it is this teaching me?” This is also a good time to check in with your more taboo desires, and remember that whatever’s considered taboo is often just society’s interpretation of what’s normal. If you’ve been hiding a kink, let it out, explore it. You may discover a new favorite part of yourself that’s been waiting to be unleashed.

June is sure to bring all sorts of changes and challenges, but also a lot to celebrate! Cross everything off your to-do list while Gemini energy has us buzzing and before we settle into the summer nesting of Cancer season. No matter what happens, remember it’s all a cycle. Everything spins and comes back around, and when it does, we’ll have new perspective. If you need me this month, I’ll be basically hiding from the moon and listening to Lana Del Rey until July’s here! Keep me up to date on all of your June happenings, Flufers!


Photos by  Sarah Crawford

Photos by Sarah Crawford