love spread for the collective

Our resident witch, Taylor Mikiska, pulls Tarot cards to guide The Fluf community into a week of love.

I think the most beautiful thing about the Tarot is that it affirms what we already know. Sometimes it shows us the glaringly obvious and we say, “Duh, I knew that.” Sometimes it’s the things we know deep down and don’t want to admit. Other times it’s something alive in the subconscious that’s ready to meet us here and now.

Before we break down this reading, I want to put it out there—tarot doesn’t tell the future. We create the future. Tarot helps us see ourselves more clearly. It tells us a story. It asks us to keep asking questions, to tap into our intuition, to learn from the past and bask in the present. It can be an aid to healing and nurturing ourselves and to holding space for all of our magic.


Since February is the month of all things ~love~ this is a love spread for the collective! Think of all types of love that exist—they are absolutely limitless. The love we have for friends, flowers, family, and facemasks. The love we have for our partners, pizza, puppies, and pants. There are so many types of love, and it’s never limited to romance, though romance is ohhhlala lovely. For this reading, I let The Lovers lead the way. The Lovers show us commitment and open us to communication. It tells us to look to our innermost desires to see how we can best be in partnership with our highest self and with others. As you read this, let all kinds of love come to mind, most importantly, the love you can have for yourself. When I read Tarot, I like to ask pretty specific questions—for this spread I asked…

1.     What Love patterns are ready to be released?

2.     How can I best love myself in this moment?

3.     Collectively, how can we better love one another?

You can also use these questions as journal prompts to explore whatever comes up for you! Alright, let’s get into it!

1.     What love patterns are ready to be released?

Five of Cups

Negative and lack based thoughts are ready to be fully released. Five of Cups can show us focusing on what could have been, and not seeing things how they are.  Let yourself have a moment to think of past situations. If you’ve let hurt get in the way of pursuing love or letting yourself be loved, try to define the moment you held back or pushed away. Was it because you feared loss? What is there to lose now? Five of Cups carries an element of blaming ourselves for situations that just didn’t work. It’s time to let go of the fear and know that you deserve love. To quote Hilary Duff quoting Babe Ruth, “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”


2.     How can I best love myself in this moment?

The Emperor

The Emperor acts as the provider and protector of the deck. How can you act and provider and protector of your love? Trust your power; assume the confidence of an Emperor. You are the Emperor of the Empire of your love!  How are you building it? You call the shots. You are in charge—fully—feel no pressure to accept love that doesn’t serve you or isn’t the kind of love you want to receive. This card remind us that in matters of the heart, as often as it feels good to let the heart lead the way, it’s okay to be practical, and you have the best chance of getting what you want when you’re clear about it. It’s okay to see the facts.  It’s okay to say what you want from your relationships—with family, work colleagues, or lovers. You can set clear boundaries, to ask for attention, and claim your space when you need it. Don’t fear your authority or shrink from it. I always like to tell my students: you are the Beyoncé of your life! You’re not the back up, you run the show. And though it can be scary to take charge, the more you let yourself do it, the easier it gets.

3.     Collectively, how can we better love one another?

Nine of Cups

This is often referred to as the “wish card” pulling this card can sign that your wishes are about to come true. To be honest, I’m not a huge believer in wishes. When we wish without clarity in what we’re asking for, we can get some pretty wack outcomes re: that Brendan Frasier movie where he sells his soul to the Devil (Elizabeth Hurley) for three wishes, but his wishes are all misinterpreted! That movie is called Bedazzled, by the way, and it’s equally terrible and amazing—worth watching for all of Elizabeth Hurley’s devil costumes alone! It doesn’t do much good to wish for love. We have to be clear in the kind of love we wish to receive. To recognize the way we love others. Nine of cups is a super good omen card though—it is prosperity, good luck, rewards and happiness. But how much do those things matter if we don’t share them with the people we love? Share your successes, your dreams, and yes, your wishes too. When we find the people our wishes align with, we can use that support to make the wish reality.


Crystals, left to right

Desert Jasper: For nurturing, healing and creating security in our hearts. It empowers us to seek fulfilling relationships and grounds us in embracing our most natural selves.

Rose Quartz: The all-encompassing love stone. It is unconditional love—it encourages us to forgive and brings us to a new level of understanding the kind of love we wish to receive.

Rhodnoite: Clears the Heart Chakra. It helps us see both sides of a situation and heals emotional wounds.

Happy love month, you guys!! I love you all for reading this and would love to hear how this resonates with you. What kind of love are we calling in and how are we loving each other? I hope this month (and every month) brings you love that awakens your soul and expands your heart. Cheers to every kind of love that exists and let the love you have for yourself reflect in the love you have for the world.

I haven’t come up with a cute sign off yet, but,