monthly fluf: july 2019

To inspire your month ahead:
everything we did last month.

Ricki Beigh

Scuba diving in Komodo, Indonesia (perfect activity for Cancer Season)! I’m approaching 40 dives and I can say that Komodo, without a doubt, is the best diving I’ve ever done. On these dives, I saw manta rays (!!!!!), octopuses, sharks, cuttlefish, moray eels, barracuda, Napoleon wrasse, turtles, lion fish, nudibranch, and SO MUCH MORE! Diving has quickly become a passion of mine. So much so that I’m planning on returning to Komodo next year to receive my Dive Master and to one day become a dive instructor! Everyone should dive!!! Especially since our oceans are rapidly dying and all salt water fish are expected to be extinct by 2048! Get to diving people!!!

Above is one of many videos I have of the mantas and cuttlefish as well.

Marco Martinez

Daisy by Pond
Blame it on Your Love by Charli XCX + Lizzo
Beach Comber by Real Estate
Dear Boy by Paul McCartney
Dive by The Soft Cavalry

Inherent Vice dir. by Paul Thomas Anderson
On The Beach at Night Alone dir. by Hong Sang-Soo
There Will be Blood dir. by Paul Thomas Anderson
Shoplifters dir. by Hirokazu Kore-eda

This huuuuge shirt from Kapital doubles as an outer layer. It's insanely oversized! Also my star pants are from AiE and were a birthday gift to myself :)

fluf july 19 - brittany booker.jpg

Brittany Booker

Enjoying the results of a Churro Cooking Class I attended at Bar Mercado in Krog Street Market!

Katie Lipsiner

June in ATL is all about exploring in the perfect vintage dresses in more ways then one! Sparrow the cat certainly things so.

IMG_4293 3.JPG

Emily Owart

Um...I moved to Brooklyn this month?! Just a super casual relocation to one of the most wonderful boroughs in all the land. This month I hung way too many shelves and indulged in a few of the thrift stores on my new street. Loving the way NY looks on me so far and so looking forward to this beautiful summer of love (as in falling in love with food, fashion, friends and views) ahead.

Sundress from L Train Vintage
Black mesh rose dress from Buffalo Exchange
Floral robe from Show Me Your Mumu

Happiness Begins, Jonas Brothers new album (shameless bops)
Dedicated, Carly Rae Jepsen's album. Preparing to see her in July!
"Never Really Over" by our queen, Katy Perry

It's Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini
Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler

Euphoria on HBO - One of the most important, hard to watch, beautiful pieces of television I've watched to date.
Easy on Netflix - A charming, real, and addictive semi-anthology series that I completed this month

Chichi Offor

EATING: I made shrimp & grits I'm really proud of. I also got to eat some yummy crawfish too. As a girl who spent a few years in NOLA, I was very happy.

LISTENING TO: I'm still listening to Wallows...a lot. This month though the songs Sun Tan, Ground, and Pleaser because they seem to be singing about my life. Oldies have made their way into my consciousness. Hercules by Aaron Neville and Make Me Yours by Bettye Swann remind me that people way back when are going to similar troubles and life happenings as me.

WATCHING: In June, I got back in touch with my middle school love of bad reality. Double Shot at Love with Pauly D and Vinny (Jersey Shore) easily one of the most entertaining shows I watched this month, and I watch a lot of TV!

Tavis Gray

READING: This month was spent with Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness, a “sci-fi” expedition through an “alien” world without “gender”, and with Italo Calvino’s experimental novel in ten parts, If on a winter’s night a traveler. Both have stuck with me; good books are honey. Starting this month with Virginia Woolf’s first novel, The Voyage Out. Woolf is a genius and a prose queen and in internet speak: my mom.

WATCHING: Moonstruck.


BUYING: Sunscreen, instant yeast, tiny shorts, the breeze.

Sarah Crawford

WATCHING: The US Women’s National team make history with their fourth World Cup win! Now if they could just be paid equally (if not paid more than) their underperforming male counterparts, I’d feel really great about this win. Also watching Stranger Things Season 3, which I loved! Despite never finishing the second season.

READING: Fashion Climbing by Bill Cunningham. It is a delightful New York dessert—so easy and yet deeply sympathetic and meaningful. Reminds me of why I am so drawn to the fashion industry and to this great city.

LISTENING TO: Kishi Bashi! I have to admit that although he is based in Athens and I often heard the cooler-than-me college radio kids talking about him, I didn’t fully appreciate his music until his latest release. Now, I’m listening to Omoiyari on repeat, as well as his older albums. I recommend them all!

BUYING + WEARING: REPELLER UNIBROW SUNNIES. I have not been this excited about a purchase in quite a while... I’m considering buying in Pearl as well. I also had the most lovely opportunity to work the Ilana Kohn Brooklyn sample sale and scored this cute getup plus a mellow yellow jumpsuit.