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addicted to love

addicted to love

My first kiss was in pre-kindergarten while playing house. He was one of the three different boys I liked that year - our Methodist day school was a happening place.

Another followed in first grade when I quite literally chased a boy down on the playground. When a jealous little classmate tried to rat me out to my teacher - "Sarah kissed Dylan on the playground!" she cried - I innocently batted my eyes and assured Mrs. Lewis I had no idea what she was talking about. 

In sixth grade, I made the self-important declaration that my first real kiss was the one that happened at the Valentine's Dance that year. I went for the cheek and he turned and met me on the lips. Extremely awkward and I was over the moon. He was a skater boy and, a few months later when I tried to french kiss him, he got scared and said see ya later girl.

Toward the end of my lusty middle school career, St. Valentine smiled upon me again when my math class crush asked me to be his girlfriend. His pitch involved a cd mixtape, hand-written card with the lyrics to "She Is" by The Fray inside, and plain milk chocolate Hershey's Kisses because he knew that's how I liked em. God bless the kid. He was my high school sweetheart for the next four years.

The list goes on... and I've suddenly realized that this is one of the few valentine's days since I hit pre-pubescence on which I have been completely and totally "alone." And yet I'm not alone at all because I'm more in love with who I am, where I am, and who I'm here with than ever before. Learning to be alright on my own two feet is something that's taken me a long time and I still work on it constantly.

Because, might as well face it, I'm addicted to love.
I came out of the womb chasing boys and I will never get over the high I feel upon first flirtation, first realization that maybe he likes me too, first kiss, and so many more firsts that, if you're lucky, you stumble upon a few different times in life when you fall in love all over again.

But until I find that next hit, I've learned that really the best Valentines are to be found in a group of good friends. And a fun playlist never hurts.



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