astrochat: gemini


The Sun has entered Gemini, and summer party time has officially begun. We’re making big plans, celebrating the closing of chapters, and not shutting up about anything for at least the next four weeks! The Sun moved into Gemini on May 21 and will remain there until June 21. Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and one of the most playful signs of all. Gemini season gives us a chance to say out loud everything we spent Taurus season pondering. We’ve done our spring cleaning and we’re ready to call in everything we’ve been making space for. It’s the best time to practice being out loud—to get the words out of your head and into another person’s ears! Gemini season is basically one big loud jubilee! Time during Gemini season is best spent with friends, especially those you know you can speak freely with. So, gather up all your best pals, ask every question that pops into your head, and pull your party pants on as we dig into what Gemini season is all about!

Gemini is a mutable air sign. They’re the most go with the flow of all the air signs. They rarely lose their cool, because they don’t like to be overly invested in things. You can’t have hurt feelings if you don’t have serious feelings in the first place! Unlike Aquarius who sits on the throne of moral high ground, and Libra who needs fairness in everything, Gemini says, “Can’t we all just have a good time?!” They don’t let setbacks get them down, and if they do, it’s definitely not for long! Like the other air signs, Geminis have the ability to look at things with a bird’s eye view and then decide how they feel about it. I think of all the signs, Gemini is the cheeriest. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the messenger. Mercury deals with all things communication. It determines how we send and receive information, how we process what we’re learning, and governs our relationship with technology. With Mercury as their ruler, Gems are absolute masters of communication. They’ve got the gift of gab! They can talk their way into and out of just about any situation and they can encourage you to do the same. Geminis are always down to talk it out. Words tend to hold a lot of weight for a Gemini. They’re your friends who can write novel-long text messages, compose a heartfelt birthday card, and are sure to deliver the best toasts at weddings. Mercury leads Geminis to being incredible collaborators. A Gemini won’t shoot down your ideas, they’ll expand on them and boost you to keep going.


Gemini is symbolized by the twins. Ah yes, that infamous Gemini dual nature. I’m not gonna say two-faced, because that’s not what it is. I think we’re all dual-natured, Geminis just show both sides more equally than the rest of us. Whether they mean to or not, Gemini usually says what others are thinking but afraid to say out loud. Geminis are quick to walk away from situations they don’t want to be in when others might simply stay out of fear or doubt. When some of us want to sweep discomfort under the rug, Gemini says,  “Nope, we’re gonna talk through this.” To circle back to the twins, you’ll rarely find a Gemini alone. They’re the kind of people who have a best friend and mean it. It might be a human, it might be an animal, but when they’re running errands, they’ll never do it by themselves. If you need a partner in crime, or a partner in other non-crime related things, you can count on a Gemini to join you on your journey (at least for the fun parts).

Gemini’s corresponding Tarot card is The Lovers. This is always one of my favorite sections of these posts because the Tarot association is the sign exalted. Geminis at their best are flowing with love, harmony, and creativity. The discourse is compassionate and gentle. When The Lovers appear, they lift up the things we have in common. As The Lovers, Gemini drops the ego, it holds the other without expecting anything in return. Geminis are not always known for their loyalty, but The Lovers show us that’s a false perception. Geminis can be loyal to the end when they find a passion that meets their own. But the Lovers and Geminis show us above all that the relationship we have with ourselves is a direct reflection of the way we create relationships with others. How we speak to ourselves is how we speak to the world, and when we come from a place of love, we’re a lot likelier to get the outcome we desire.


Orange is a Gemini’s power color. Orange is bold, creative, and expansive. It’s a wild field of poppies and the glowing Sun setting over the ocean. During Gemini season, go for colors that get outside of your usual box. When working with crystals, use black and white agate to encourage balance within the dual natures. Blue sapphire keeps communication calm, and Dalmatian jasper helps turn negative energies into positive ones.


The lungs, arms, hands and fingers are associated with Gemini, because they come in pairs and they work without us thinking much about them. Geminis are known for using big expressive gestures. You’d need strong lungs to talk as much as a Gemini, and how can you even begin to explain ideas without extravagant hand motions? During Gemini season, take extra care to check in with your breath. To feel the moment it fills your body before you speak. Notice when it enters sharply and take moments to slow it down. Let your breath draw the shoulders away from the ears and feel it move through your arms, down to each fingertip.  In the midst of celebration, remember to take moments of stillness and recovery.

Let us all live it up this Gemini season! As much as Geminis can be complicated, can’t we all? Next time you find yourself giving into the Gemini hate and bringing up all the stereotypes *raises hand very guiltily* ask yourself, “What is this showing me within myself that I don’t want to recognize?” Geminis aren’t two-faced, they’re mirrors. They’re able to seamlessly mirror the energy happen around them and redirect it if they need to. It’s what makes them shine so brightly in social settings. They can tune in to what you’re bringing right away and meet you there. They want everyone around them to feel their best and have the best time. They move through a crowd like fireflies, sparking conversations and leaving everyone a little captivated. Their passion and boundless creativity is absolutely magnetic. Geminis love to stir the pot, but not in an aggressive way. They just like playing Devil’s advocate, and even if they really wanted to not say something, sometimes they can’t help it. It’s not gossip, they’ve just gotta get it out!

What’s “right” is kind of a snooze for a lot of Geminis. They’re more about what’s right now.  Not to say Gems have no moral compass (despite popular opinion) they’re just usually able to talk their way around ethics if it keeps things interesting in the moment. Geminis crave newness, innovation, and they’ll never fall behind in whatever scene they’re a part of. Geminis don’t follow trends, they create them, and they don’t mind being a bit controversial. They don’t hold on too tightly, so if the original plan doesn’t work, they’re easily able to re-navigate onto the next!

Geminis like to have a lot going on at all times. They’ll be taking a class, launching a start-up, sending five emails from three different devices and face timing with their mom all at once, never lacking attention though. They are professional multi-taskers and they don’t skimp on the details. Geminis enjoy getting carried away with the wind and they will always bring a friend along for the ride. You can surely count on Geminis to keep it light and to keep every conversation flowing. Geminis have this sparkling ability to find common ground with just about anyone. They’re always down to talk it out and willing to see another point of view.


Gemini season can encourage us to speak our truths and to see the truths of others without judgment. It can help us make some noise, and break out of our shells. There’s a steady, inviting confidence to Gemini season that brings warmth to the world. Gemini season encourages us to ask, “How do I see myself?” and “How does the world see me?” and “Does the world see me the way I see myself?” It inspires us to get out of the vast spaces in our heads and pose those questions to others. It invites us to lift each other up. To express every wild idea and find people who think it’s possible.

These are our best moments for finding like-minded collaborators, for believing art can save the world, and for changing our minds a million times. Geminis are marvelous work partners, so if you’ve needed an extra boost in the office, seek out a Gemini. They’ll embolden you in ways you couldn’t imagine. Gemini season is about putting it all out there and seeing what sticks. It’s about gathering all your friends up for game night, and girl’s night, and pool parties, and art shows. It’s about having fun, and knowing there is no limit on the kind of fun you can have when Gemini energy is buzzing around us.

To each of my Gemini friends, I hope you know how inspired I am by your magic ability to connect with people, to bring people who seem to have nothing in common together, and by the way you do it with ease and grace. You change the world every day in so many little ways simply by making everyone in your presence feel welcome. They way each of your share your time and words can teach us all to do more of that too.


And so, HAPPY GEMINI SEASON!!! I hope you feel electric energy buzzing all around you. That it influences you to speak up and speak out and speak on anything and everything that comes to mind. I hope you reach out to old friends, make new ones and spend this season discovering the magic other people can bring into our lives when we drop our walls and let them in. I hope you find yourself in passionate discourse, bringing every idea you have to life.

I hope this Gemini season encourages you to keep creating and helps us recognize there are no limits to art or to love. I hope we all see the parts of ourselves we want to pretend aren’t there.  Our messy sides, our shadow sides, whatever we perceive to be dull about ourselves, and that we embrace it. That we see what frustrates us in others and ask if it’s actually a reflection of ourselves. I hope that we chat until our jaws fall off and that we remember these moments are temporary, so we should have a good time while we’re here and not get too hung up on the small stuff.


As always, thank you a million to anyone that reads to the end of these, and huge THANK YOU to Victoria for crushing this shoot (as always) and to Jamie for giving me these gorge looks. And to the readers, keep me up to speed on all Gemini related happenings, this is the best time to talk about everything without shame! Spill the tea, start a rumor, make a mess and then take it back! That’s what Gemini season is all about. We’re human, ya know? We’re bound to be a little messy sometimes, so just embrace it. Forgive it all and party on. I’m actually making a playlist this time, I promise! (Sorry Taurus season was busy and it didn’t happen) until then, loving you all with the most electrifying love you’ve ever felt, for a week, and then ghosting, and then sliding in your DMs a week after that with the best apology message you’ve ever read, saying that I miss you and I know we have a real connection, like a Gemini would.