astrochat: taurus


Ah, Taurus Season. Let us settle. Let us luxuriate. And let us take our sweet sweet time doing it. After high intensity Aries, Taurus season feels like an absolute vacation, and in so many ways, it truly is. The Sun entered Taurus on April 20 and will remain there through May 21. Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac and delivers steady, renewing energy. Taurus season gives us a moment to reflect on our senses. Beyond asking how we feel—Taurus encourages us not just to touch, but to hold. Not simply to hear, but to listen. Not only to look, but to see. And once we’ve held and listened and seen, Taurus season lets us sit with that. We are trading a frantic call to action for pause and presence. So, in the spirit of Taurus season, build a blanket fort with your highest thread count sheets and let’s explore what Taurus energy is all about!

Taurus is a fixed earth sign. And of all the fixed signs, Taurus is said to be the most stubborn. When a Taurus has their mind made up, it would take hell and high water to change it, and even then it probably won’t happen. As fixed signs do, Taurus craves stability, especially pertaining to the material world. They don’t just like things stable, they like them lush and elegant. Taureans have exquisite taste, but usually value comfort over glamour. Think cashmere blankets and artfully hand-made ceramics. Earth signs are known for their ability to rationalize, and Taurus is no exception. What separates Taurus from the other earth signs though is their ability to rationalize not doing something. Don’t get me wrong, Taureans are extremely hard workers, but they work equally hard at resting as they do out in the field.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, named for the goddess of desire and prosperity (among much else), making them very tender lovers. They love to be cuddled and cared for, and you never have to worry about rushing things with a Taurus. With Venus as their ruler, Taureans have a wonderful time soaking up each moment fully. They only worry about what’s coming next if it’s a sensational meal or plans for a cozy stay in a five star hotel. Venus wants us all to feel our most beautiful selves, glowing from the inside out, and we see that personified through Taurus in their actions as friends and partners.


Taurus is symbolized by the bull—content to graze and work in the Sun all day, but will charge when red flags arise. They very rarely lose their tempers, but when they do it’s because something’s been building for quite some time. I mentioned stubbornness before, and some may say it’s their equal blessing and curse. Taureans won’t give up when things get challenging. If they’re committed to an idea, they’ll see it thoroughly through, no matter how long it takes. They can also be too stubborn to let go or admit when something’s not working, though. They’ll remain grounded and sociable (thanks to Venus) no matter what arises, making them one of the most reliable friends of the zodiac. When a Taurus is with you, they’re with you till the end.

The Tarot card associated with Taurus is the Hierophant. The Hierophant is often seen as a wise old sage of sorts. A being who guides you through on your quest for knowledge.  The Hierophant values structure, rituals and community, as does Taurus. Taurus and the Hierophant both value sharing wisdom deeply, and without thought of their own personal gain. You may think of your Taurus friends as the personal shamans of your life. 

I’m not saying you should, that’s a lot of pressure for your Taurus friends! But, they’re associated with this card because Taureans are usually some of the gentlest, most well-meaning guides you can have. When the hierophant appears, it may be calling us into a new group activity, organization, or occupation, and when a Taurus invites you into their life, you’ll often find yourself surrounded by people sharing ideas that spark something in you to learn more or get extra involved in whatever you’re doing or working on.


If you’re channeling Taurus energy, reach for neutral earthy tones. Try olive greens, dusty blush, and warm eggshell shades. When working with crystals, emerald will help to heal financial wounds and bring new prosperity. Blue tourmaline will keep intuition energized when Taurus gets too comfortable ignoring warning signs of trouble. Rhodonite gives us a chance to reconnect with the love we constantly put out into the world around us and bring it back in to ourselves.


Taurus ruling body parts are the throat, neck, and the whole décolletage. You will find Taureans speaking eloquently. They won’t yell unless they need to, but when they do, they are coming with good reason to back up that anger. Use this Taurus season to think extra carefully about your words, but take care not to hold back if you feel like something needs to be said. Taurus can simply be too lazy to fight or think it’s not worth speaking up sometimes. But if you’re coming to a difficult conversation from a place of grounded reason and understanding (and if you’re a Taurus, I’m sure you are), there is no reason to fear using your words.

Switching gears a little here, BUT Taurus season is also the perfect time to reinvest in your skincare routine. The décolletage can often be forgotten when we’re focused solely on taking care of the face. Many skin care gurus have said that a skin care routine, “starts at the forehead and ends at the nipples.” So in this season of self care and luxury, take a little extra time to find some chic products you love and use them all up!

I would just like to take this moment to say I LOVE TAURUSES!! I realized while writing this post, I’ve basically surrounded myself with a little army of them, and when I think about the friends I’d call if I truly needed support, I’d call on my Taurus babes. My goddess angel of a hair stylist, my favorite yoga instructor, and the Editor in Chief of The Fluf are all Taurus Queens, and all people I am blessed to call my friends. They are beyond reliable. They are endlessly encouraging. And so gosh darn sweet. Their sweetness never comes off cloyingly though, because it’s genuine. 

One of my favorite things about the Tauruses I know is that they don’t go into relationships wondering what they can get out of it. I think they’re really the most present of all the signs. And as lovers, they will give give give and gleefully receive in return. There is instant balance and very little pressure to perform in any kind of way.

If there is one lesson we could all take from Taurus, it’s that we are allowed to receive love. We are allowed to expect romance, touching gestures, and warm embraces. Taureans are everything sensual. The Venusian influence is at it’s best when Taurus is falling in love. They are patient, generous, and willing to reason through any disagreement. They won’t be taken for a fool though. If you’re showing up to play games with a Taurus’s heart, it’s not going to last a single minute. While Taurus is gentle and compassionate, they refuse to waste time being taken advantage of when it comes to love. They may not always stand up for themselves in a work situation but they have a different regard for the way their time is spent when it comes to intimate relationships. They have no concern for quick escapades. They’d rather be alone than waste their precious tenderness on someone who can’t give it back to them.


Taurus can teach us not only about the finer things, but the finest things, and remind us that we’re allowed to have them. For a Taurus, there is never a need to rush the process or settle for the knock off version. It’s the real deal or nothing for a Taurus and that’s true in every aspect of their lives. They cherish their belongings and invest in things that will stand the test of time. Taurus is all about sustainable things that last, and they are wholly uninterested in cheap thrills. Taurus can teach us how to use each of our five senses in a way that we won’t accept things that don’t activate them. Taurus season is really about investing. Invest in yourself, in your daily routine, and in anything that brings you nourishment and comfort.

And to each of my Taurus friends, I hope you know how inspired I am by your tenderness and tenacity. You encourage me more than you know to just keep going, to slow down, and to trust the process. In my mind, you are all Renaissance beings, in tune with the past, present, and future.  This shoot was inspired entirely by each of you who make life one glorious outdoor picnic, except I know you’d never do it alone. You might set it all up alone, but you’d invite a gaggle of companions to share it all with you and that is what makes Taurus so endearing. The willingness to share everything pleasure-filled and joyful.

So finally, HAPPY TAURUS SEASON EARTH ANGELS!!! I hope you feel an incredible amount of ease, and that you use it to touch, taste, hear, see and smell every single thing you experience during this time. Start to trust that your senses are magic and true.  If you let them, they will lead you on the most fulfilling journey you can have in this lifetime. Trust that you are worth every bit of love and luxury that comes your way. Buy that silk lingerie, those Egyptian cotton sheets, and that La Mer moisturizer everyone swears will change your life! Now is the time to take care of yourself. Eat the fancy dinner, indulge in your favorite wine, and don’t spend a single second thinking you don’t deserve to have everything you’ve dreamed of. I hope Taurus season brings you the best of the best. The best sex, your favorite flowers, and extravagant rooftop dinner parties.


Thank you thank you, as always for reading all the way to the end here. And also as always, thank you to the unmatchable Victoria and Jamie for bringing these shoots to life. Thank you to Maggie, my hair color queen who brought me back to the blonde side and taught me how to put in hair extensions for this shoot! Thank you again to anyone who keeps up on these posts! I learn so much each time I write one and I hope you feel the same. Please keep me posted on all Taurus related happenings. Tell me everything about your favorite Tauruses, let me know how you’re saving and spending money during this fruitful season, and tell me about all the ways you’re indulging. I’ll be sure to do the same. Taurus playlist coming atcha next week! In the meantime…loving you all deeply, truly, and like we’re in a Victorian romance novel, like a Taurus would. Ciao for now, lovers!