astrochat: virgo


Happy Virgo Season, my sweet cherubs!! I don’t know about you guys, but Leo season was a lot for me. Drama, excess, and indulgence, which is great, but I’m beyond ready to get centered again. Enter Virgo Season. Perhaps my favorite season. Back to school, back to routine, fresh starts and clear eyes. Virgo Season delivers us a chance to organize our closets and our minds. It’s the second wind before the end of the year, and a chance to realign if we’ve fallen off our paths and pursuits. The Sun entered brainy Virgo on August 23 and will remain there until September 23.

Virgo Season calls us to reign in the chaos post fire sign time and do what we can to better ourselves. It encourages nourishment through nutrients and is heavy on acts of service. Virgo Season asks us to take a long hard look at our habits, our environments, and our relationships and ask ourselves if where we are is where we want to be, and if it’s not, how can we get there? Virgos love logic, practicality, and wrapping things up with a neat little bow. Virgo Season reminds us that we are the deciders of our own fate and we can take control of it whenever we choose. It calls us to see what is real, what is true, and to act on it.

Virgo is a mutable earth sign. Of all the earth signs, they are the most adaptable and least stubborn. Still an earth sign though, so don’t expect them to be swayed without some concrete evidence for whatever you’re trying to prove to them. Virgos will hear you out, but they’ll also call you out—if not to your face, then definitely just to themselves—and they’ll brush you off like the fool you are for insulting their intelligence. Of all the earth signs though, Virgo is willing to see when they were wrong, and willing to admit it and apologize, especially in the name of keeping the peace.

Virgos expand with information and are on an endless pursuit of knowledge. Forever the student, and often the teacher, Virgos are excellent sharers (of much more than facts, but we’ll get to that later!) and trustworthy sources of data. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, giving them the ability to speak clearly and concisely with ease. Where their Mercury ruled counterpart, Gemini, gabs a million miles a minute, Virgo uses Mercury’s influence to tap into the best way to relay the message. They stick to what’s important, and they are highly aware of the difference between conversation and gossip. That doesn’t mean they’re immune to gossip by any means though. When a Virgo is spilling the tea, they likely do it in a way that feels like they’re simply keeping you in the loop of whatever’s happening.

Mercury guides Virgo to be highly analytical, which can lead to much compartmentalization and heavy over-thinking. If they lack in speaking out loud, they more than make up for it with the dialogue happening in their heads at all times. Mercury also governs technology and part of Virgo’s mutable nature is that they adjust to our ever changing technological landscape without much trouble. They are quick learners and eager to understand new advancements.


Virgo is symbolized by the Virgin. Though the concept of virginity and its value is outdated and a bit ludicrous, that we can choose when and what we give of ourselves to others, is timeless and powerful. Virgo season is about allowing ourselves the capacity to set boundaries. It’s not about connecting to something pure, but connecting to what we are purely made up of already. Connecting to the mighty forces within the earth. What grows naturally and free here exists within us all. Connecting to innocence does not mean denial of sexuality. It means lack of judgment towards what brings us pleasure.

To reclaim the virgin is to reclaim choice, to reclaim consent, and to stand in the strength of how we make use of time and energy we give to people and situations. I think Virgo Season is a time we can collectively redefine virginity. How can we rethink “losing” innocence? What’s lost about it and what remains? Where can we celebrate the purity within ourselves and within the world? When we look for it, we can see it exists in abundance. Virgos see the fine details. They see how a bunch of seemingly minuscule details make for a grander vision overall. The virgin within Virgo Season holds the components of ourselves, sees how they can be optimally arranged with divine timing, and chooses to live that version of us

The Tarot card associated with Virgo is The Hermit. Usually when we get to the Tarot portion of these posts, I feel that the card embodies the sign at their best. This is maybe the only sign I haven’t felt that with, because Virgos have a tendency to Hermit themselves when things don’t go their way. It’s sometimes easier for Virgo to withhold affection, to plan and organize, to busy their minds with the “what ifs” than to acknowledge what’s at the root.

The Hermit appears when we’re called to retreat and really look at our lives and circumstances from a bird’s eye view. Virgos do this pretty naturally, and can easily get fixated on finding a solution. The Hermit, though, asks us to simply observe and understand that time taken away will yield a much more peaceful result than hacking away at an issue trying to fix or redirect where things went wrong. With silent, solitary reflection comes wisdom to be shared. There is a strong presence of patience within The Hermit and there is no rush to move through anything. When Virgo can find the balance between retreating out of avoidance and retreating to connect with their inner needs, then they’re embodying The Hermit at it’s best.


If you’re looking to dress in the colors of Virgo Season, look straight to what’s currently growing in nature around you. Virgo Season is all about earth tones and textures. Try sturdy, reliable materials and sustainable pieces that will withstand the test of time. When working with crystals, try amazonite to find balance when overthinking. Use green aventurine to reconnect to your own heart space when others are asking too much of your energy (reclaiming the virgin/ tapping into the hermit!) Reach for moss agate to aid in all of the new beginnings that Virgo Season is sure to bring!


Virgos are ruled by the digestive system, intestines, and spleen. Not the most romantic of body parts, but certainly some of the most necessary. This makes a lot of sense given that Virgos are the functional caretakers of the Zodiac, doing their best to clean things out and keep everything functioning at an optimal level. Healthy digestion is crucial to brain functionality and Virgo season reminds us how important it is to remember the connection between the gut and the brain. Virgos sift through info, decide what’s necessary and make waste of the rest. They identify how we can be best nourished, how we can refocus our routines, and how we can overall lead healthier lives. Virgo Season is one of the best times to listen to the feedback of your body. Take it’s cravings, warnings, and signals seriously, because it is likely telling you exactly what you need to know to feel your best at this time.

We’ve covered a lot of the things Virgos are known for; order, organization, and planning expertise. Virgos have an amazing ability to take a pile of junk and transform it into something absolutely useful. They are ultra solution oriented. They understand where there may be roadblocks and can come up with twenty different ways to approach them. They keep the house clean; the pantries organized, and likely have color-coordinated closets. They also come up with totally innovative ways to categorize and systematize. But aside from all of their orderly goodness, Virgos are some of the most understanding and thorough friends and lovers. They are super reliable and you can count on them to be honest with you. Whether you need a shoulder to cry on, are looking for advice, or simply want some good company, service oriented Virgo delivers every time. They’ll let you know when they need it to. Virgos are some of the most emotionally stable people I know. They don’t let a lot shake them up. They rely on reason, but are understanding of all of the elements that come in to making a decision. They can remain grounded while everything around them runs amok. Virgos are highly detail oriented. They’ll remember your mom’s birthday, your favorite color or snack, and they’ll take it seriously when you let them know that something they’ve done or said has upset you. As lovers, Virgos are big time givers. They want to please you and they want to know they’re doing things how you want them to be done. The “right way” whatever that way is. Even if they’ve come up with the perfect plan, they’re always flexible for those they love. They aren’t afraid to try new things and go new places, because they’re always down to learn and explore something else. As much as Virgos can be in their own heads, they are always, above anything, just trying to do better. To be a better example for everyone around them. Virgos thrive at recognizing patterns and seeing what can be improved. It’s endless work for a Virgo, but they are naturally inclined to mastery of whatever they choose to go into because of they way they work through things.


Virgos show us how to keep going when we feel like we’ve reached the end of something. They assure us that we’re students of life as long as we’re here, and that there’s nothing wrong with continuing to ask “why?” They show us how to lean into analyzing a situation without attachment. Virgos basically created the art of multitasking, and they know there are truly no bounds to what we’re capable of when we put our minds to something. Virgos show us how to lie out the cold, hard evidence and use it to our advantage. Virgo Season is the perfect time for a pause to reassess before we head into full force holiday madness. It gives us an opportunity to decide how we want to finish the year. It asks us to examine how we’ve done so far, and reminds us that it is up to us to get shit done the way we want to. Some seasons are a group project, but Virgo is not. Virgo is about going within, relying on yourself and your own wisdom to guide you.

I am really extremely biased writing about Virgo Season because a few of my favorite people in the entire world are Virgos. They’ve been best roommates I’ve ever had, and I’m certain I could live 10,000% content with just them for the rest of my life. My youngest sister, Mia. I cry just thinking about her. If you’ve ever heard me talk about her, I’m certain you’ve seen tears rush to my eyes. It’s happening right now lol. I am in awe of absolutely everything she does. I think she’s the coolest person I know, and I’m amazed by the way she fully, unapologetically creates her own path and just lives in it. She is creative, has razor sharp wit, and an attitude that I can only describe as glowing. Another Virgo gem so close to my heart, my first randomly assigned college roommate, Chelsea. Chelsea has always felt like home to me. We have worked together, lived together, cried and laughed together, and as long as I’ve known her, she’s filled all the spaces of the things I wasn’t good at. She is precious and always true to her word. I could not build a more compassionate person. And finally, my favorite Virgo, Beyonce. Just kidding! She’s a good one too though. My boyfriend, Joey! I didn’t really understand anything about Virgos until him. He is the most encouraging person I’ve ever met. His resourcefulness never ceases to amaze me. When I think we don’t have enough, he shows me every time that we have more than we need. He’s grounded and easygoing. He listens, really actually listens, and gives every weird activity I throw him into 110%. I hope anyone who’s reading this can forgive my very un-Virgo mushy shoutout. I don’t feel bad about it because I have NO Virgo in my chart, and therefore, almost no control over the way I express my emotions J The Virgos in my life have taught me so much about what it means to really care about something. What it looks like to care, and what it looks like to be proud of your efforts. I think that’s what Virgos do for all of us. They teach us it’s okay to care, in fact, it’s great. Caring can change the world.

And so, HAPPY VIRGO SEASON, you divine beings! This season is so powerful for reclamation. Claim your space, your time, your body. Know that you are absolutely sacred, and that you do not owe anything to anyone, especially the people that don’t believe that. Make new plans, travel new paths, push and create new boundaries. I hope you learn a new recipe, become the master of it, and invite your nearest and dearest for a night in to show them how much you love them. Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge, speak your truth, and refine your arguments. Get outside and connect with the Earth, with plants, with nature, with their medicine and magic. Celebrate everything that you already are, right in this moment. Take some time for just you, to reconnect to what fuels you. No right or wrong, just being.


A million thank yous to Victoria, my photographer, Jamie, my makeup artist, and Maggie, my hairstylist. They bring my visions to life in a way I certainly could not do alone. Also, HUGE thank you to Christian, who let us shoot in his gorgeous apartment! Please keep me posted on all Virgo related happenings! Tell me about your favorite Virgo moments, placements, and stories. I adore this time and will be celebrating some of the people I love most during it. I hope you’ll be doing the same! And if you don’t know any Virgos, I HIGHLY recommend surrounding yourself with at least a few. I promise you’ll be better for it. Loving you all, while trying to give you everything you want while living up to my own standards, like a Virgo would.