behind the genius: emily owart

I felt like Emily and I were friends before I even met her. (Is that creepy? Did she feel this way too? Everyone else knows what it's like to have a friend crush, right?!) When we actually did meet, I was so excited. She's been living it up in the sunny/smoggy city of LA for the past year with my friends Tavis and Beau, so naturally we hit it off. Talented and stylish and cool, Emily takes the term Renaissance woman to a new level.

Emily is a social media manager and photographer
 (of friends and film sets and anything else she points her lens toward). And she's got a photo blog and YouTube channel to boot. She's a makeup guru, not-so-secret pop punk superfan, and a generous, tireless supporter of every friend she has. Here's a little bit more about the powerhouse herself, in her own words.

Hi hello! What do I do? A lot but it never feels like enough. (If that doesn't tell you about me idk what will haha.) By day, I am a social media coordinator for RSA Films, Ridley Scott's production company. I plan and curate media copy, I create content, take photos behind the scenes, keep up the conversation and excitement about our work, and like so many photos and tweets per day that I double tap everything on my iphone screen out of habit. It's becoming a problem.

By night, I'm a creator. I write reviews and photo journals on my blog and film beauty videos and reviews on youtube! I am constantly taking photos for something. I'm obsessed with the newest makeup trends and ways to get fit. I love a great workout and an even better cold brew.

Oh so many. I've dreamed of a life of travel and photo-taking for a long time. I currently do both but not for money. I'm also super interested in the music industry and PR. I want to somehow help people see themselves in a good light, it makes me smile when the photos I take, or words I say make people feel empowered and alive.

Bottom line I'm searching for happiness and fulfillment. But who isn't? Haha.

Ooooooooo!!!! I'm currently listening to Carly Rae Jepsen's "Emotion" and "Emotion B Side" as well as A Day To Remember's new album "Bad Vibrations" (I know, two opposite sides of the spectrum haha). I just started Gilmore Girls, so that's been taking up all of my TV time. I am also a huge True Crime fan and have been obsessed with podcasts, as I spend a lot of time driving in LA weeeeeee. "My Favorite Murder" is SO great- a true crime podcast by lady comedian badasses Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff. I also indulge in "Casefile" from time to time. And something new and different that I'm listening too is a podcast hosted by Blessthefall's Beau Bokan called "Get in the Bus", it's like a behind the scenes look at the punk/metal/posthardcore scene.

My goodness. I admire so many people for so many different reasons.

Photographer Ashley Osborn has been such an inspiration for me, she's one of the few female photographers that have "made it" touring with bands and creating incredible media for so many amazing artists. It can be really hard for girls to break into behind the scenes work in entertainment, and she made it happen so gracefully.

Also, it's crazy the world we live in where a people we find on the internet become inspirations. Internet-spirations. A few years ago, I discovered a lovely lady by the name of Michelle Kirchner, known as Girrlscout, and she is creating an empire as we speak. She's a photographer but also a businesswoman, she has a brand of clothing, little accessories, and exudes female badassery and empowerment. The way that she owns her struggles, is always creating something, and makes people feel good through the work and products she creates is simply motivating. I would love to work with her someday.

Lastly, Demi Lovato is SUPREME. She's been through some shit and has come out on top! I liked her through her Camp Rock, Sunny with a Chance days and wondered why she was not a huge successful rockstar....She disappeared for a while and came out with such a confidence and self-awareness that I admire. She takes such good care of her body fitness-wise (#goals ammiright??) and is so talented...She controls the media around her and has her own voice...even though some may think her twitter slayings are too strong sometimes. Her hard work and perseverance is so right up my alley.

Style means not second guessing and being completely and organically you in everything you choose to do and wear. From makeup to hair styles to clothing choices to the way we carry ourselves and the conversations we participate in. Style is powerful and style is so fun. So so fun.

I wear a lot of dark colors—always—not just lately haha. My go to right now though are my black skinnies with holes in the knees paired with a solid color top (usually white, grey, blue, or black ha), my "give em hell" black baseball cap on backwards, and my oversized black and white sneaks. I'm in love with Vitaly jewelry too, so one or more of their pieces is usually the icing on the cake :)

Also, I like mesh things. Or things with holes. I've been searching for the right pair of exercise pants with mesh cutouts...but I can't find the right pair!! I shamelessly wear leggings to work every day (I know you can drag me for that, it's cool) and would love to step up my legging game asap.


As Emily is a social media maven and photographer extraordinaire, you can follow her on Youtube or Instagram or Twitter or Snapchat (@ooemilyleeoo). OR all of the above!