chichi explains it all: the wonderful world of wigs

Think back to a time where you’ve worn a wig. Odds are it was probably in the fall around the time little humans are dressed as demons. It’s pretty common to see wigs associated mainly with costume, but it’s also a quick way to take on a whole new persona or completely change up your everyday appearance.

I stumbled into this world of wig magic upon my graduation from the University of Georgia. I watched a Youtube video and ordered a wig that I wanted to wear on graduation. Long story short, I poked a hole in my wig and my mom had to rush me to local Athens beauty supply shop to find some locks for my special day.

Many, especially black people, utilize wigs on a more regular everyday basis. After graduation, I went on to wear a wig on and off for six months. My wig has traveled with me all over – from Atlanta to Los Angeles to my new home in New York City!

There are many reasons why black people might wear wigs – I could write a whole book on black hair care and practices but for now, I’ll keep it simple. Here are a few reasons why wearing a wig on the regular can be life-changing:

It’s a form of protective styling.

As is any style that tucks the ends of your hair away. It has many benefits such as giving your hair a break from the environment, protecting against split ends, and promotes hair growth. When you wear a wig, just braid your hair under it, put a wig cap on, and go!

They allow you to switch things up without commitment.

There have been days when I’ve really wanted pink hair and then changed my mind about it an hour later. Wigs are a great way to test out every hairstyle of your dreams. Too afraid to chop off your long locks? Wig. Worried about chemical damage from dyes? Wig. When in doubt, wig it out!

They’re easy!

Sooo easy. There are just those days (or weeks) when you don’t want to let down your cornrows because they took so long to put up. All you have to do now is throw a wig on!