what to do in edinburgh & what to wear while doing it


!!**~~~ HELLOoOoO LADS N LASSIES ~~~**!!

I'm heading back to Scotland soon so I thought I’d finally write about what I did upon first visiting my greatgrandmotherland a few weeks ago:

1. Arthur’s Seat

I could have died happy after this hike. Climb this hill on edge of the city to experience **amaaazing** views of Edinburgh to the soundtrack of your own heavy panting/hyperventilating.  

2. The Royal Mile

Full of beautiful historic architecture. We basically ran away from the overwhelmingly tacky gift shops and looked through the artists' stalls selling beautiful rings, leathergoods, and who knows what else because I was stuck in the ring booths the whole time. #accessoriiieeez 

3. Edinburgh Castle


So many reasons to go: flirt with sexy kilted castle guards, try to steal the Scottish crown jewels, or take creepy pictures of strangers’ nuggety children! Or set your gaze upon "The Stone of Destiny,” an old rock the English and Scottish have been fighting over for so long that it's almost kind of cool.

4. Stirling & Doune

We visited the historic seat of everyone's fave bae, Mary Queen of Scots, at Stirling Castle. At the William Wallace monument nearby, I befriended a delightfully sassy old Scottish man who told me I looked like a warrior princess with a replica Wallace sword in my hands. And in the next town over, we geeked out at the beautiful Doune Castle aka Winterfell from the pilot episode of Game of Thrones.

Main lesson learned in Scotland:

When traveling by backpack, forget about changes of clothes. And everything else. Layers are saweeet because #1 it’s freezing and rainy in Scotland even in the summer and #B you can put them all on when your bag gets too heavy and take them all of when you start to feel like you’re marinating in your own sweat.


Photos of the Scottish countryside by me, me, & me, inc. Photos of me, me, & me by Stay Fierce.

outfit: Gap flannel pj shirt, coolest Banana Republic turtleneck ever (reminds me of Star Wars), Anthropologie anorak, Scottish tourist shop scarf, Hunter Wellington boots.