darling magazine

A more meaningful magazine.

Reasons to love Darling: 

1. Real Not Retouched
Sometimes when you see a flawlessly edited Instagram, you simply sigh & wonder “how exactly is everything in your life so perfectly color-coordinated?” 
In other cases, ridiculous photoshopping has become a serious social issue. Eating disorders and self-image issues are more prominent than ever. Some governments are even taken measures to make unrealistic ads illegal.

2. By the women for the women
Darling portrays a realistic, imperfect woman. It’s filled with diversity
Their articles are categorized into 8 different types of well-rounded women. Dreamer, Hostess, Confidant, Stylist, Explorer, Beautician, Intellectual, and Achiever
Not just “how to make yourself prettier, make boys like you, and what clothes you have to buy right now.”


You heeeard me. NO ADS SUCKA. Best day ever. 
Like a lot of the other great “indie mags” that have been revolutionizing print media lately, Darling costs more than your typical glossy. I recommend splitting it with a friend, or 5 friends! Because if you have quality articles and photos without the ads, you have to get your funds from your readers.

4. They have kewl stuff online too
Can’t afford $20 an issue? I feel ya. They have a free website full of great articles on everything from grieving, to making a kickass Linkedin profile, to the best brunch spots in the world.
Look em up next time you find yourself on that anti-homework Buzzfeed quiz spiral of responsibility-shrugging doom
I also love that they repost their followers’ best #thatsdarling and #darlingweekend pictures on Instagram.

5. A new look on celebrities
Big names like Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Morrison, and adorable youtuber Ingrid Nilsen are just a few women who have shared meaningful stories in Darling – beyond your typical “who are you dating and when’s your next movie?” interviews.

Anyone else a fan of Darling fan or other “indie mags”? Also does anyone have a less-pretentious term I can use besides “indie mag”? Lol


Photos by Stay Fierce. Outfit details: American Threads top (similar here) . DL1961 Amanda jeans . Converses .