four-eyed and freaking happy about it

by Raven Hudson

For most of life, I’ve worn glasses with thick lenses. I sat in the front row of every classroom and every year I got asked the same question.

Have you ever tried to wear contacts?

Of course, I did try them once. I lasted one day and I knew I would never waste the time poking myself in the eyeball again. I remember being teased for it. Four-eyed freak, dork, nerd. Truth is: I have always been a dork, regardless of if my vision somehow made me that way.

But for some reason, I wasn’t bothered by it. I channeled it into uniqueness. For me, glasses are the most fun accessory in my wardrobe. Not only do I genuinely love wearing timeless frames, it feels empowering to wear something every day in protest of being normal. I am constantly told that my glasses are ugly or that I should wear contacts sometimes, but it makes me giddy every morning when I decide which frames to wear that day. I say that we do more of what makes us happy rather than worry about what other people thinks makes us beautiful.

It is shocking how many women and men that don’t wear their prescription glasses because they don’t want to look dorky. Can we not just agree that correcting your vision should always be acceptable and cute?

The glasses in my collection are from two sources. First, I love to find local optometrists that have unique glasses. In Athens, GA, Adam's Optics is the best shop in town. Their glasses are only $99 with single-vision lenses included. He hasn't changed the prices in years. His frames are sometimes vintage and always funky.

I also love the Canadian company Bonlook. Their glasses are also well-made and around $99 including lenses. I discovered them through Brooklynite blogger Keiko Lynn, who designed my cat eye glasses named "Barbie Pink" after her mother. Each of the frames that she designs are named after a great matriarch in her family which is something I can get behind.

Photos by Sherri Brantley

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