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Welcome to August my beautiful Fluf friends! This month is set to bring us much peace and healing after the Astrological hellscape that was July 2019. I was trying to really spin last month’s horoscopes in a positive direction, but that was before I knew the true havoc those transits would wreak! We are through it now, and oh my how we’ve all learned and grown! One thing is certain though, we are closer to ourselves than ever before. In the words of notorious Leo, Kylie Jenner, we’re all “like, realizing things” and that is honestly such a gift!

We realized a lot of things from last month’s eclipses and retrograde and August brings us a chance to sit with those realizations and make amends with them. We may still be feeling the shadow period of Mercury’s retrograde, but clearer times are ahead! The week of August 7-10 is one of the brightest times of the month for good luck and posi vibes all around. Everything should feel bright, shiny, and warm. August 11 is jam packed with transits, so we’ll need to go with the flow that day. Jupiter goes direct, after a lengthy retrograde on the 11th and everything we’ve felt is up in the air shows a clear and final solution. Mercury moves into limelight-loving Leo and reminds us to share the conversational spotlight for the best chance at actually being heard. Uranus retrogrades in Taurus and delivers a brief reprieve from sudden surprises. For once, everything is exactly as it seems.

Money-minded Venus is luxuriating in Leo, where the Sun is still lingering, and both shine down on us. This is a huge month for stepping into our individuality and making choices on our own. The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 16 re-emphasizes this, and encourages each of us to explore the things that make us truly unique. We all have qualities that only exist within us, and this Full Moon is a time to let those qualities take center stage.

Post Full Moon, everything starts going Virgo. Mars enters the ever-steadfast earth sign on the 17, followed closely by Venus on the 19. Our actions and choices become much more logically made, but be careful not to close out your intuition entirely, or rely too heavily on plans made in advance. When the Sun moves into Virgo on the 23, we’ll be in full worker bee mode, getting our shit together. Think of it as a time of back to school shopping, but for your soul! There’s a humble energy to Virgo that thrives on acts of service. Virgo Season gives us the perfect opportunity to help ourselves while we help others. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and when Mercury comes home in Virgo on August 29, we’ll be feeling super secure in how we can best communicate with ourselves and each other.

As always, I’ve pulled tarot cards for each sign to help us navigate this months transits--here’s what’s in store…



Six of Swords

You are looking way ahead, Aries. This may feel a bit like uncharted territory, but you are (finally!) through the grand shakeups that The Tower card brought up the past couple months. You’re sailing through calm waters. August provides you the space to start exploring your next move without any pressure to act immediately. Those shakeups taught you everything you need to know, so keep those lessons in your back pocket, but don’t dwell on them. There’s a call early in the first half of the month to get away from it all. Perhaps a weekend trip? Take that time away if you’re getting the urge, so when you return to your day to day you’re coming at it refreshed instead of frazzled. Before you make any sudden moves, just sit with everything that’s happened. Let things unfold over time. The more you zone in on you--your time, your space--and stake your claim in that, everything will be clear.


Knight of Wands

It’s time to make some moves, Taurus. You’re not one for breaking too far out of your routine, but the more you do it this month, the more energized you’ll feel. Fire sign seasons open us up to burn down our past reservations and let yourself get a little wild. You know how to do sensual, you do it better than just about any other sign, but when was the last time you felt sexy? There’s definitely a difference and Venus in Leo is encouraging you to explore your most primal urges. There’s no guilt or shame to be had in embracing your inner wild cat this month. Get frisky and don’t hold back.


Seven of Cups

Did you watch the most recent season of Riverdale, dear Gemini? If you didn’t, allow me to fill you in! There’s a point, I promise. A game called “Griffins and Gargoyles”, G&G for short, takes off like wildfire. There are monsters, missions, and dangerous challenges that force the players to make tough choices. In one such challenge, players are given two cups. One cup has blue liquid and one cup has blue liquid with cyanide in it. Players cannot opt out. They must drink or their loved ones may meet fatal consequences. Of course, they too may meet fatal consequences if they choose the wrong cup. All this to say, Gemini, choose your cup carefully. You, unlike the citizens of Riverdale, have the option to avoid these kinds of games entirely. You can choose not to engage with griffins, gargoyles, or cups filled with potential poison. This month will bring challenges and choices. Just remember, you are the only one who can decide what you want to do with them.


Wheel of Fortune

The cards are in your favor, Cancer, and the time to act is now. If you’ve had proposals, pitches, or business plans in the works, it’s time to bring them out into the world and get them into the hands of others. Even if you’re met with unenthusiastic reactions, you can just say, “poo on you” and onto the next. The second week of August (7-10) brings particular good fortune transits, so take advantage of them. This is a good time to reconnect with mentors, coaches, and friends who you trust. Let your logic take the reins a bit this month, it won’t disappoint you. You’ll have time to edit and revise during the first half of the month and when mercury enters Virgo, You’ll be prepared to perfectly communicate your plans.


The Lovers

I adore this card for you, Leo. As the majestic lion of the Zodiac, you’re not one to shy away from attention, but when was the last time you gave it to yourself and didn’t seek it from anyone else? This month calls your to look at yourself through the same eyes with which you see others (lovers, family, best friends) and recognize that the qualities you love most, are a mirror for your own qualities. Take yourself out on a date. Get dressed up because it feels good. You impress everyone, even on your scrubbiest days, but what can you give yourself that when you pass your own reflection makes you go, “daaaammnnn!” Let yourself take credit for the way you take care of people, and save some of that care for yourself.


Ace of Cups

Everything is in flow, Virgo. This is ultimately a time of all new everything, and just in time to get into your season! The activities you engage in this month hold the potential for total transformation to happen. It’s a good time to just try stuff out. Try it all, even if you aren’t sure how it’s going to work out. Not everything needs to yield and end result, and sometimes it simply takes longer for results to show themselves. Try considering everything as if it were new. Look at your current arrangements with fresh eyes. Say yes, take chances, and trust that when the Sun enters Virgo, you’ll feel surer of yourself than ever.


Ace of Swords

You’re cutting through allllll the bullshit this month, Libra, your own included. You’re ready to get real. Your Venusian influence allows you to see the love and beauty in everyone and everything you come in contact with, but it’s time to let yourself see the full spectrum. I’m not saying quit your daydream, I’m saying get real about the actions you’re taking to make that daydream your daily reality. A theme that’s come up for many other signs this month is that your choices can only be made by you. Drop the notion that you need anyone else’s validation or favor. Let the Sun of this Leo season shine down on your gifts. The things that make you uniquely who you are. See them first, reaffirm them just to yourself, then share them with others.


Queen of Pentacles

Of all the Queens in the tarot, this Queen is the most balanced. This month for you, Scorpio can hold all of that balance if you let it. It’s not always in your nature to be ultra-comforting, but it may give you an entirely new set of tools if you just try. When friends or loved ones come to you with a problem or complaint, resist the urge to start throwing solutions at them. “I love you, I’m here for you” may be the thing someone needs to hear most. This is also a good time to honor your commitments. Honor your plans and honor the ways your body is calling you to care for it. Show up just as you are, because that’s all anyone really wants of you.



You’ve totally got this, Sagittarius! If you feel like you’ve been endlessly plugging away at something, that’s because you have. This month gives you a second wind and reminds you why you started in the first place. It’s a time to check in with yourself and make sure all the pieces are firing evenly. Have you been losing your temper? Are you always giving into your whims? Have you been shushing your intuition? Take some time to recognize your patterns and see where you’ve been giving too much or too little. The Full Moon in Aquarius helps you see the bigger picture, and you’ll be feeling totally re-energized to get there.


Seven of Pentacles

It’s time to Plant. Those. Seeds, Capricorn. You know the ones. The seeds of the garden you wanted to grow when you were a kid. Ask little you, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” We’re all always growing up. Our plans change. Our circumstances change. But it helps to check in with that inner child to see if the path we’re currently on still excites us. You’re no stranger to a long-term plan, and this month, you should use that to your advantage. Especially as we approach a fellow Earth sign season, the rest of the world will be a little more on your page about creating plans and procedures. It can all go together, order and excitement, and there is no one better than you to show the rest of us what that looks like.


Six of Wands

That recognition you’ve been working towards has finally arrived, Aquarius. You don’t need the spotlight, but this month, try to let yourself enjoy it. Don’t be afraid to own your innovative ideas. Everything that may seem totally out of the box to someone else feels perfectly natural to you, and that’s exactly how you’ve gotten to be where you are. The Full Moon in your sign on August 16 brings everything you’ve been working on right into the light. Celebrate and feel the glow!


Five of Wands

You might be hearing a lot of chatter this month, Pisces, but that’s all it is. Hot heads and chatter. You rarely lose your temper, but quite easily lose your peace of mind. Make it your mission this month to find grounding in the chaos and know that turbulence is temporary. By the month’s end, you’ll have entirely evolved beyond the bickering, but won’t feel the need to run away from confrontation. Use this time to practice asserting your needs without any pettiness or passive aggressive language attached to it. There’s no reason to get caught up in the heat of the moment or the big waves of emotion. Let yourself have the space to see everything from an outside perspective.

Overall, August transitions us right into a time of organization and calm. Through the fire and back onto Earth. We all have the power to decide what we want that to look like. Let me know how your August is going! I’ll be sure to do the same.


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