march horoscopes

Ahoy, Flufers! Fluf Squad? Fluf Crew? I’m partial to Flufers, but let me know if you’re not into it. Welcome to March—and to our first rendition of ~Monthly Horoscopes~! I’ve heard it said that “March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb.” And this has maybe never been truer than for the March we’re about to experience.

This month is wild with change. Venus shifts from Capricorn to Aquarius on the first, allowing us to take the pressure off of personal long-term romance. We’re thinking about less about finding “The One” and more about finding a solution to global warming. We’re thinking worldwide. And since the month begins with the Sun still in Pisces, we’re dreaming up every way possible to bring healing to all.

Mercury retrogrades in Pisces from March 5–27 and this retrograde brings us a time to recognize harmful patterns of the past and make a strong self care game plan. On March 6, we have a MAJOR planetary shift. Uranus, the planet of revolution, moves into Taurus, which governs money and stability. Uranus will remain in Taurus for the next seven years. This means huge change for how we handle money on a global scale. Start a savings account, research investments, and get serious about your dollars.

That same day—March 6—we have a new moon in dreamy Pisces. Use this moon to manifest your financial fantasies. March 20, the Spring Equinox, is another jam-packed day astrologically. A day of equal shadow and radiance. This equinox, the Sun will enter fiery Aries and we’ll see a gorgeous Super Moon in Libra. There’s balance to be found in the heat of this moment. It’s a good time to examine if your actual self aligns with your ideal self. As March ends, so will Mercury retrograde, and Venus will move us into Pisces tenderness. Out like a lamb.

In addition to the happenings of the stars, I called on a little guidance from my Tarot deck, pulling one card for each sign. The money theme is eminent. Five of the Twelve came up as Pentacles (money and materials), two signs appeared as swords (logic and intelligence), and one as cups—I’ll just tell you now, it was Cancer (OF COURSE). The rest were Major Arcana. All hold unique messages of healing.


Knight of Pentacles

You’ve got your mind on your money and you’re in it for the long game. If you’ve had a financial plan brewing, don’t hesitate to turn up the heat on it. But don’t jump the gun either. Research is crucial right now. Reflect on old money habits. Are you impulsive? Do you save and then spend it all at once? Are you relying on someone else for income? This is your moment to take control of it all. Check in on those student loans, explore crypto currency, decide what you want to do with that birthday money that is surely coming your way! Hold off on signing any contracts if you can help it though. Things aren’t always what they seem during Mercury retrograde. Do your best to be patient with yourself while you decide on the best course of action. Be extra mindful of where your impulses draw you, and notice what pursuits align with how you generate income. This is not the time for rash decisions, so until we get through this retrograde, let that Aries fire be a slow burn.


Queen of Pentacles

Oh Taurus, you are always a Queen. Your grounded nature will allow you to move through March changes with steadfast grace. Embrace every in-between moment. In between the times of transit, talking, assisting others and the times when you’re alone—these are the sweet morsels you need to take in. Amidst the chaos, you are building blanket forts and putting on a pot of tea for friends. You may feel like people are coming to you more than ever for sound advice, direction, or to be a shoulder to lean on. Protect your boundaries so you don’t burn out, but take notice of when serving others illuminates your spirit. Take extra care of yourself. Don’t shy away from a slow pace. You’re allowed to take your time. You’re allowed to stay in, even as the days get longer. As money shifts happen, ask yourself what it looks like to set yourself up for success financially.  Does it mean making enough to regularly donate to charities you support? Does it mean investing in your own business? Whatever it is—decide what financial success looks like to you.


Ten of Swords

This month is all about breaking the cycle, Gemini. Start the month off by taking stock of what’s physically in your space. Use the weekend to get organized, especially if you work with tools in a creative or tech space. It isn’t always fun, but it will set you up for fewer challenges down the road.  Don’t let surprise get the best of you as things shift this month. Trust that everything is in its place because you put it there. If there’s anything around that you aren’t using, or that you’re holding onto purely out of sentimental value, ask yourself if that thing has energy you want to take with you. Get honest with yourself about what hasn’t been working and know that things aren’t always meant to work. You owe yourself the time it takes to build a dream. As much as you want to go go go, see what happens if you put your energy into one thing at a time. There’s no need to fear letting go of something when its time is up. Trust that the purpose has been served.


Ten of Cups

My sweet, sweet Cancerian babies! This may be a tough month for communication and romance but that will not stop you from caring about it! It is so in your nature to see the best in everyone and to bring each person you meet into your life as if they’re your flesh and blood. The only cups card in the bunch, Cancer, even when the rest of the world is focused on money and material possessions, you’re out here trying to build a nest for your loved ones. But don’t doubt, you are really doing it! When you focus on love and let the rest of the bullshit go, you’ll have every answer you need to every question you ask. If Mercury retrograde gets up in your grill, ask yourself, “Will this moment matter in five years?” The answer will most likely be a resounding “nah.” The world needs lovers. For this month at least, you’re holding that space. Reminding the rest of the world why expansion matters, because it comes from love. Let yourself be wrapped up in every loving moment and use these as your que to slow way down and soak it in. Things cannot always stay the same. So surround yourself with love and the change will flow.


The Devil

The only things holding you back are your own perceptions, Leo. What expectations do you hold onto? What judgments repeat themselves? If you have recurring thoughts about your surroundings, start using them as a mirror. You usually don’t have a hard time with this, but see what these thoughts mean when you make them about you. Take the “can’ts” “shouldn’ts” and “won’ts” and start to flip them. Whatever pops up as an ultra-frustrating moment this month, take a minute to see if you own responsibility for any piece of it. The more you own it, the more power you have. When we release expectations, we make room for things better than we’ve ever imagined. Use the full moon this month to clear it out spring cleaning style, especially when it comes to business matters. Lay it all out and see what you need to show up as the fiercest version of yourself. Get rid of the rest. Create a mantra for yourself. A mantra that speaks to new levels, to breakthroughs, to stepping into every single magic piece of your soul. Speak it out loud until it’s real.



This much chaos in the cosmos can be unsettling for any order-loving Virgo, but you are all about getting to the root of things this month. When plans run haywire during Mercury retrograde, you’ll be seeking patterns. Take stock of the people you regularly interact with. Who drains you and who lifts you up? Who always flakes and who always answers the phone when you call? You know better than to take it personally, but you’re not required to hold onto people or things that don’t give back to you what you give to them. This month isn’t about cutting all ties, just about noticing them. You are here for the truth. The real truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God, Virgo! By the time the full moon rolls around, you’ll be feeling clear and ready to let the weight of it go. You can make peace with someone mentally without making any waves. But if a serious conversation needs to be had, be extra sure that you are crystal clear on your messaging. Fully living in your truth will make it easy for everyone around you to know how you feel.


King of Swords

It is 100% up to you to find as much balance as you possibly can during this month, Libra. Balance is your forte, so trust it when the call comes. Let the mind and the body fully connect. Take time for physical practice this month, whatever that means to you—hiking, yoga, crossfit—anything that gets you moving. You’ll be ready to come back to projects that require more of your brain when your body is feeling connected. Beware of getting in your head too much (that’s why the body connection is so important)! It’s okay to let emotion live in your work, especially if your work is your passion. This is your Super Full Moon and it happens to be the same day as the Spring Equinox (March 20). This day celebrates the sun, the moon, and the blossoming of new life equally. Think back to where you were during the Fall Equinox (September 22), as things were slowing down. Look how far you’ve come; honor what you’re moving into. Observe everything and plan it out, but don’t put pressure on yourself to finalize anything. Libras always know how to have a good time, so let that energy flow into everything you do this month.


The Emperor

This is the time to be practical, Scorpio. You’ve got all the feels of Pisces season lapping at your feet, so your efforts to be as reasonable as possible still have a chance of getting washed out with the rain. This time is about recognizing what you already know. Things that may be living just beneath the surface or choices you’ve hesitated to make. This is where you see the signs and accept them. This retrograde will challenge you to put trust in the mind over the heart. Trust that you have the experience to handle whatever is thrown your way. Structure is your friend this month. Double check your calendar and confirm dates and times. Though it may seem nearly impossible, do your best to practice non-attachment. Get neutral before assessing all sides of a situation. Use the facts to figure out where things went wrong and have grace with yourself when they do. Set your goals and see your plans clearly. There’s no need to settle or make any rash decisions.  Think long term about what’s going to be best for you. Post retrograde, the weight will lift and we’ll all be rolling in the sunshine of Aries Season.


The World

You know what Smashmouth always says Sagittarius, “The years start comin’ and they don’t stop comin’.” Or in this case, the new moons, retrogrades, planetary shifts, and full moons start comin’ and they don’t stop comin’? You know the cyclical nature of these things. You understand there will be periods of trial and that those will lead to periods of triumph. This month, you’re taking it all as it comes. You embrace the future without fear, well maybe a little fear, but the healthy kind that motivates you to not let a little retrograde or Uranus shift get in the way of living your life. Focus on your connection to the world. Yes, the whole world. Beyond your little bubble. How are your day-to-day connections and reactions reaching beyond you? Are they reaching beyond you at all? You may be making a bigger impact than you know. Take care during this Spring Equinox to get outside. To feel the Earth, to feel the world. Feel the bits you’re made up of and know that we’re all made up of those same things. You know better than the rest of us right now that struggle is a passing moment, how can you help the rest of the world see it?


Two of Pentacles

You balance it all with style and grace, Capricorn. You thrive during change because you’ve had a plan laid out for months! Nothing new here! You’re the master juggler, but are you leaving enough room to care for yourself? Self care looks different to each and every person. This month, see it you can take a minute to drop the pins you’re juggling. Like, drop ’em all. Turn your phone off—go off-grid. Totally. What would you do if you had absolutely nothing you had to do? When you do pick those pins back up though, see if you can keep a better balance. You’re pretty good about cutting through the muck and seeing what you can live without, but are you tied up in anything financially that you don’t need to be? Or are you putting so much focus on making money that your relationships are at risk of disappearing? Set your intentions with balance in mind with the New Moon on March 6. There’s a big party coming with the Spring Equinox, so water the seeds you plant with the New Moon, and check in on their growth when the Full Moon arrives on March 20. Be sure to water your own seeds before watering the seeds of others.


King of Pentacles

How can your creative pursuits lead to financial security, Aquarius? It is absolutely possible, so don’t let yourself be discouraged by people who say it can’t be done. It CAN and you are ready to show them how. You’re used to going it alone most of the time, but this month, seek the expertise of a mentor or trusted peer. If you don’t have that person in your back pocket, use the New Moon on March 6 to manifest them. Start talking about it with people, start putting out to the universe exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe it’s someone to help you navigate the waters of a creative business, or maybe it’s someone you already work with and admire. Maybe even someone who can help get your finances flourishing. You’re not usually too concerned, but when you’ve got a solid plan for what you want to accomplish, you can avoid that feeling of the rug being pulled out from under you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.


Ace of Pentacles

Happy Sun Season, Pisces! We enter March in the throes of Pisces Season—many of us are drained from all the feels by now, but you are thriving. With this time comes the ultimate magic of intuition. You have the power to know what’s lucrative for you and what’s not. Use this power to build your absolute ideal and be very, very clear about it when you’re working with others. Your dreams are so alive, they’re sure to attract like-minded collaborators. But you may have to get out of your daily comfort zone to find them. This retrograde is prime for admitting if you’ve been running from things instead of tackling them head on. If you have a dream, what’s holding you back from pursuing it with your entire being? Once you find the why, release it with the full moon and start to build yourself up. You are calling in every creative possibility and making it profitable. Creativity can blossom alone, but how much will it grow when you share it with others?


Though this month brings change and challenge, I love and believe in you all. Tarot cards and Horoscopes don’t tell the future. They lead us to better understand ourselves. You’re in charge here, so make this retrograde your b! Don’t sign any contracts until Mercury retrograde is over and be careful with your money, for real. Start talking to your friends about it, make a plan to pay off that credit card, fantasize about owning a home! The world is your oyster, regardless of what’s happening in the stars (they do happen to be a very helpful guide, though). Keep us posted on how your March pans out. Share your New Moon and Full Moon intentions, and let us know what retrograde patterns show themselves that you’re ready to release! Happy March, Flufers!


Photos by Sarah Crawford. Taken at the Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors exhibit at The Broad.