i want to go on a date with warpaint


If you can mix dreamy pop + psychedelic rock, then you got me good.

I have a confession to make: I have a mad daydream in which I take the lovely ladies of Warpaint out on a date.

I’ll go anywhere you gals want. You want drinks? Let’s go. Maybe a dinner + rock show? I’m down. Or maybe just a night in with a Kill Bill marathon? Yeah, you know I’m there.

In all seriousness, if you are reading this, add Warpaint to your Spotify queue right now. Your ears are missing out.

The Los Angeles, California indie rockers of Warpaint first formed back in 2004. The current members are comprised of founder / vocalist and guitarist Emily Kokal, guitarist and vocalist Theresa Wayman, bassist and vocalist Jenny Lee Lindberg, and drummer Stella Mozgawa.

I had the chance to see these boss ladies kill it at Atlanta’s Shaky Knees Music Festival in May 2016. I was alone. I was at the front. And I was living a blissful Cali-rock daydream.

There is something to say about a group of talented musicians who produce somber + psychedelic rock songs that play along with dark, satisfying dream pop beats and lyrics. It’s hard rocking, sure, but with that cool, feminine touch.

So Warpaint, if you are reading this, call me.

Watch some of their magic here

Photo: Cover of Warpaint's new album, Heads Up