la diaries: salvation mountain


Seeing as it's a 3.5 hour trek out from the city and through the desert to get to Salvation Mountain, it's not exactly #LAfluf material georgraphy-wise. On the other hand, a random pastel art piece proclaiming "love is universal" – which everyone is determined to Instagram despite it being in the middle of a over-100-degree desert – is a very LA thing.

If you make the trip, be sure to take snacks, plenty of water, some towels to just go 'head and wipe off all the sweat, and a change of cooler, skimpier clothes for afterward. Also be prepared for your car to get angry and stop giving you AC - maybe some of those squirty water bottle fans are a good idea too?

We didn't stay for long but it was worth the trip. The most helpful thing to have on a roadtrip, of course, is good company. So thanks to the amazing photographer-sisters Rachel and Emily Owart for letting me tag along on this fun journey and also, of course, for taking all of these amazing shots.

More fun LA fluf comin' at ya soon but till then, don't forget - god is love, y'all.

My outfit: Rachel Craven tank dress and Kyma Antiparos sandals - both from Midland