la vie boheme

photos by Megan Robertson

Senior classes began in August and I was already over it. I set my sights on LA last spring and ever since, I've been longing to get out of this sleepy little college town and dive into the hustle of a new city. This has always been my way of dealing with inevitable change. Obsess over the endless possibilities for the future. By the time my high school graduation rolled around, my mind was already far away - taking trips to anywhere-but-here, soaking up summer romance, planning out every detail of how I wanted the next four years to go. Because I figure that if change is inevitable & our time here is fleeting, it’s best not to dwell on the past but keep your gaze turned toward the future.

But this extreme future-mindedness has bitten me in the ass too many times. My grand plans always create impossibly high expectations for myself and everyone around me. My perfectionism leaves others overwhelmed and me disappointed. My desire to reach that great wide somewhere can never be quenched - I’ve rushed through too many beautiful moments and sights because of it.

So here’s to suddenly realizing that I have one month left to enjoy the ignorant bliss of pre-adulthood and attempting to enjoy the precious few moments I have left in this beautiful Southern town.
A month full of weddings and formals and brunches and half-assed projects.
Giving up on GPAs because college has ironically taught me that a letter grade is worth far less than challenging and unique life experiences. (And I don’t have to include it on my resume any way.)
Remembering and savoring old friendships instead of moving on and away too soon.
Allowing and embracing new relationships instead of tunneling my vision toward the future and pushing away any possible distractions.

And here’s to a really great flowy dress that I plan on wearing all summer long because bohemia (and freed nips) are still not dead, my friends.
To grey suits and bowties and the handsome boy who asked me to be his date.

Here’s to the future. But also – here’s to the now.


dress – american threads
shoes – clogs found at ananda
venue – cloverleaf farms