just your ~*average*~ school girl fighting her way through tuesday

As you may know, I have recently decided to dye my hair yet again... but had not yet had time to post this fun ode to green-tinted bleached hair & creepy abandoned Catholic schools yet. 
So, here you have it! A reminder that:

Only The Good Die Young

" They say there's a heaven for those who will wait
Some say it's better but I say it ain't
I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints
The sinners are much more fun "

And also that only the grungy, photographically curious get confusedly confronted by grandpas who, while on their way to the still-apparently-functioning church next door, are surprised to find hoodlum college girls taking weird fashion pictures at the old school .

Old Religious Man:
"Did you go to school here? 
... It's closed.
. . . You can't go in there."
Me and Cat:
"We got it, thanks Grandpa!"
*run away* 

And finally, a reminder that the school girl look comes in many forms.
(And it doesn't always have to be the flirting-with-pedophilia form.)
As much as I love the classic, overtly sexy Britney look, misogynistic dress codes
& general social norms prevent me from feeling comfortable showing up to class like this.

So, for now, I gravitate towards the intelligent-sexy style that includes a fuzzy sweater,
top-buttoned oxford, real Scottish kilt, and of course, my faithful men's Gucci combat boots for a pinch of punk.
I've also found that ban.do makes the best notebooks and planners
for maintaining a studious and organized aesthetic even while doodling in class.

Here's hoping for the day that I can show up in a killer mini and a tied-up crop top
without being objectified or dumbed down by my peers and teachers.
Don't forget the fuzzy pink scrunchies too.  <3

Have a lovely second Monday everyone.


photos by Stay Fierce, of course.

PS! Here are a few more links on why doodling is good for you...
(aka HOW/WHY I have been doodling in class since I could hold a pencil
and yet have miraculously made it to my senior year of college with a 3.56 GPA):

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