month in outfits: april 2018


May is here!!! Fellow Tauruses rejoice! I am freaking out! What started as an "oh my god it's already February" attitude has now turned into a year-long "this is all happening so fast" attitude that I have no excuse for but cannot shake. I keep trying to relish life's little bite-sized moments but all I seem to have gained from "slow living" thus far is an extremely delayed Fluf posting schedule!

Maybe one day I will no longer stress about how many outfit combinations are yet to be tried and corners of the world have yet to be explored. I will stop shirking cover letters waiting to be written and budgets to be balanced in favor of listful moments with toes in the sand. I'll be a normal adult who passes time at an office desk easily, writing emails and waiting until the next federal holiday to do some spring cleaning and bill paying.

BUT TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY and so far not a single month of 2018 has been that month. Does any of this make sense? We're all just having too much fun being lil loose cannons is what I'm trying to say. Anchors away, maties! These are the sexy things we wore in April –