prefall dressing
part one


Prefall is the confusing but important season between summer and fall, full of back-to-school, times-are-a-changin' feelings. It's the best time of year to wear a emerald green suede skirt with pink suede shoes and a tropical top (although I'm a firm believer in practicing this devil-may-care attitude anytime, all the time).

Tomorrow may be the first official day of fall but prefall basically happens year-round in Los Angeles. So here's the first of a couple outfits I've worn recently. And you can find more prefall / year-round runway-based inspiration here.

The title of this post was inspired in part by a beer from my favorite college town brewery, Creature Comforts. I didn't realize until today they borrowed their IPA's from a fascinating cultural movement started by Brazilian artists in the 1960s. Carmen Miranda was considered one of the movement's poster ladies and this album was their "musical manifesto" - worth a listen!