style hero: porches’ aaron maine


I took some synth-pop styling tips from one delightfully dressed human and this is what happened.

I obviously owe Aaron Maine a lot from all the style inspiration he puts out into this blissfully chaotic world.

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American synth-pop project Porches, led by New York-based musician Aaron Maine, has dug its claws not only into my recent listens, but also my ever growing list of style muses. Yet again, the fact that music and style mix fluidly and in a vast variety will always reign as the highest truth.

Porches’ latest album, The House, dropped on January 19th and I’ve been dancing ever since. The realization of grabbing the aspect of retreating to a sense of isolation from crippling anxiety. 2018 is the perfect time for a track list with this encompassing storytelling of fear, overthinking and retractable loneliness. Sometimes, you just have to dance through it all. These are the suppressed emotions I long to delve into to find myself. It’s a common feeling amongst myself and my closest friends. The highly anticipated third record brings closer attention to Aaron’s curiousness of a balancing bigger picture mindset through human existence and living life in an eclectic setting.

The sense of curiousness in battling suppressed feelings of anxiety come to show clearly in Aaron Maine’s style and musicianship.

Combinations of bleach blond hair and old band tees.
A tattered jean jacket against a thrifted striped tee.
A beautiful red tee against of seemingly bleak background.
A grimace of distress across the face.

This is the style icon that gives voice to to anxiety-ridden weirdos. The misunderstood. The misjudged. The kid dancing alone in their bedroom. Sometimes we hide in the shadows, but there is a voice and beautifully intricate imagery to help oneself along the way.

The inspo:


From Porches’ Facebook.

I’ve gathered some styling tips from endless array of style inspiration found on Porches’ social media accounts + listening to his synth-pop anthems on repeat:

1. Red is always a great idea. Just do it.
2. Wear your mom’s old hat more often. It suits you.
3. I’ve had this jean jacket since high school. I’m 24. They are never leaving my body.
4. I don’t believe in the "no white after Labor Day" rule.
5. If you don’t own a band tee, what are you doing with your closet?
6. 2018 resolution: Take more pictures on top of my car (See the “Find Me” music video for more inspo)
7. Stripes until I die.
8. Bathtubs are great for casual lounging if you are a small human like me.