summer uniform

Because outfit repeating is cool and thinking about anything, especially clothes, is hard when it's hot.

It's a simple formula: white sneakers + high waist denim + a simple little tee + a bandana around your neck or pulling back those bangs you're tryna grow out.

Great for traveling (it's all I wore while recently home in Georgia for a week) because it only really requires one good pair of sneaks, one good pair of jeans or shorts, and a couple tops + use as many cheap bandanas as you can find to switch from day to day as you pretend that no, you didn't wear that same white tee outfit yesterday.


Pro tip: In humid climates like the swampy south, stick to mom jorts instead of full-on jeans unless you enjoy sweaty leg zits. Also switch from sneakers to Birks or adidas shower shoes (aka f*ckboi sandals) if your feet get too juicy.


Happy summer everybody.


Ladybird outfit, shot by Grace Ferzely || vintage Calvin Klein jeans, Reformation tee, cheap bandana

Sweetwater Brewing Co outfit, shot by Courtney Davis || same Calvins, Madewell crop, hand-me-down vintage Birkenstocks

Westside Provisions District outfit photos, shot by my lovely mama || Outkast Stankonia ATLast tee, thrifted + DIYed Levi's shorts, these Converses (but I'm still lusting after these ones too...)