the best midriffs in life are free


So, you’re going to hang out with Rae Morris, John Newman, Vance Joy, Ellie Goulding, and Taylor Swift in Hyde Park… What do you wear!@#$%^&*?

Here are 3 different options:

1 - CATSASSIN. T Swift style no-navel crop top and circle skirt. Simultaneous sass and class. Always a good choice.

Charlotte Russe two piece, red Keds,   Dynamite   sunglasses.

Charlotte Russe two piece, red Keds, Dynamite sunglasses.

2 - BUSINESS OR PLEASURE. “I’m in the business of partying” style. Dress it up for work, or take off as many layers as is legal & you’re so #festivalfashunready lyk omg.

Urban strapless crop, Banana Republic leather mini.

Urban strapless crop, Banana Republic leather mini.

3 - HIT N RUN. A bra. Shirt optional, pants optional. #freethemidriff #freethebooty #freeitall #freedoooom

Pink sports bra, Gap skirt.

Pink sports bra, Gap skirt.

Other things to keep in mind when Cara Delevigne, Karlie Kloss, Kendall Jenner, and Serena Williams might be surprise guests at said hangout:

Drink just enough water to avoid passing out but not enough that you will have to leave your spot to pee at any time in the next 10 hours.

Speaking of, who’s going to finally resolve this issue by inventing cute, trippy festival diapers? Moschino diapers, American Apparel diapers… This could be a huge industry.

Also, if you’re wearing a skirt, throw your modesty out the window and wear some undies you don’t mind everyone seeing. When you’re being squashed by 65,000 crazed “Swifties,” no one gives a flipping flop about that ish.

Delete ALL PICTURES & useless apps from your phone beforehand, otherwise halfway through your live snapstory your phone might spaz out and delete the whole thing / stop saving any pictures… HOW WILL ANYONE KNOW YOU WERE THERE

& Finally, as hard as it is for all of us addicts, put your phone away to truly experience a couple of songs & also to avoid ruining your phone with the waterfall that spews from your eye sockets when Taylor tells you that you’re her friend.

hit n run + squad