things that happened this fall

I moved into the dining room of a 1920s Spanish charmer. The sounds of LA sirens slip through the colonial windows, echo off the creaky hardwoods, and keep me up at night. But I’ve only managed to wake up my dear, patient roommate emily once during my newfound night terrors.

I realized that moving to a far away big city would be everything I wanted and much harder than I expected.

I held back tears in public a few too many times.

But I made some new friends,

became a Gilmore fanatic,

drank up all of Temecula's wine,

ate a microwaved thanksgiving,

perused a lot of vintage booths full of clothes i couldn’t afford,

bought some clothes I couldn’t afford anyway,



and had a fair amount of fun

in the process of trying to not fall apart.

I also wrote a lot less than I wanted to

but co-created a podcast that I’m really proud of

and I keep telling myself I’m going to get back in the swing of things in the new year...

So we’ll see what happens.


photos by emily owart

// forever 21 black crop top
thrifted 80s business pants and glasses (via emily)
// target striped turtleneck
thrifted 90s satin dress
// reformation beckett top
proud mary gingham skirt
ananda clogs