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february + march 2017

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photo by Sadat Karim

photo by Sadat Karim

Mauli Desai penned and Lexi Kim photographed this beautiful Ampersand Magazine article, "Headstrong & Headscarves: Conversations with hijabi women of UGA." It features societal genius and sex education warrior Mehreen Karim, as well as two other powerful Muslim women at the University of Georgia. Photographer / journalism major / public policy and management minor, Mae Eldahshoury, said in the article, I think everyone regardless of where they live should have the freedom to wear as much as they want and as little as they want.” 

So before you run off into the "real" world and forget about everything that's going on in the college town you're leaving behind, remember that these campuses are often having bigger, more honest conversations than will happen in your workplace or among your boring adult friends. Keep in touch with that electric energy of your campus. College ain't just about parties, folks.

Among the other newsworthy things that happened at the Oscars, documentary & feature film director Ava DuVernay wore a dress by a designer from a majority Muslim country as "a small sign of solidarity." Designed by Beirut-based Ashi Studio (instagram / website), her look was an important reminder that fashion is an art form with the power to break boundaries. Ava also gave a shoutout to her team on 13th... which, if you haven't seen it yet, is possibly the most important thing you'll watch all year.

Speaking of the power of fashion, you HAVE to follow Emma Watson's new fashion-only IG account, The Press Tour. In it, she's showcasing all of her Beauty & the Beast tour looks, while also offering up some really cool info about the ALL ECO-FRIENDLY BRANDS she's wearing. She's even wearing kind-to-Mama-Earth makeup, which may be even harder to find than earth-conscious clothes. Emma has been a champion of eco-friendly lewks since before Reformation was a thing or anyone really even knew what "sustainability" was yet so s/o to her for, as always, being the literal best ever. (And here are links to watch / read her gender equality speech one more time for good measure bc you know you want to)

For even more news than this roundup of fashion/IG news, you can turn to MIT grad student Aashka Dave and the best English teacher in the country/one of my best friends Hannah Robbins, co-founders of the "Is That Even a Thing?" newsletter. Follow them on Twitter / the Emailz.

ICYM my not-so-subtle insta stories and obnoxious posts abt it, Lorde dropped her new single / video and suddenly all I'm wondering is how did Pantone know this was going to happen? When they announced their color of the year in December I felt a little meh about it but now I can't stop searching for greenery everywhere.

And here are a few important additions from everyone's favorite Fluf contributor & podcast co-host, Tavis Gray...


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