white sands, new mexico


We've talked a lot about self care as body and skincare this month, but for me the phrase often means taking care of my soul. Traveling to new places, detaching from my ego, getting lost in the marvels of this rock we live on. Embracing stillness and silence. White Sands is the perfect place to do that.

We drove for two days straight to get to these extraterrestrial views. But they were well worth the journey through New Mexican dust storms and Arizona cacti. We drove through Tucson for tacos and the east side of Saguaro National Park to see fuzzy friends, highly recommend both. I also recommend freezing your ass off just a little bit while staying in the nearby Aguirre Spring Campground. This too feels good for the soul.

Follow my travel companions for more adventures: Jose Peña, Nishima Gupta, and Tavis Gray.