21: part deux

surely you didn't think i was done with using my birthday as an excuse to shamelessly share pictures of myself all over the internet?!

a birthday celebration, like any awards show katy perry attends, is not complete without a few outfit changes. 
you've seen the classy birthday dinner outfit so i know you've all been anxiously awaiting the crunk downtown dancing after-party outfit.

it has yet to be decided whether or not balloons are a useful / appropriate accessory for table dancing. i'll keep you posted on my field research in this area.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, here's the birthday party playlist of THE YEAR 

***disco ball lowers from the ceiling, pink & gold confetti shoots out from all around you, and tom haverford-approved "bangers" start playing. you wonder to yourself, did i just win the Super Bowl? Nope. YOU JUST GOT INVITED TO SARAH'S MUSICAL ONLINE BIRTHDAY PARTY, Y'ALL***

i hope you are all enjoying your unbirthdays as much as i'm enjoying mine.

drunk sarah