dixie wandering: the biltmore


In a nation without any true royals, Americans still love to idolize rich people and fancy castle houses. Thus we have: The Biltmore.

It's one of my favorite places. I never get tire of walking the halls, convincing myself that one day I, like George Vanderbilt, will have enough money to build my own Barbie Dream House and scribble my initials all over it.

"GV wuz here <3 <3"

"GV wuz here <3 <3"

I was recently there to see the Dressing Downton exhibit, which you're not allowed to take pictures of (-__-), but it was amazing. Like Disney World for geeky old Anglophiles... and me. I highly recommend it if you're a history nerd, TV junkie, or if you just like looking at fancy pretty things.

While I was there, I also went on the rooftop tour & explored the estate grounds for the first time. Walking through the house itself is usually so tiring that you just want to pass out and dream of money afterwards, but the roof and gardens are totally worth seeing. If your knees don't give out.

Forever searching for more nouveau-castles to tour / a big hunk o land that I can build my own on...


photography by urz&nbsp;truly&nbsp;;)

photography by urz truly ;)