almost famous

Styling + Words by Katie Lipsiner
Photos by Alexis Haggerty

Vintage finds give me Almost Famous vibes.

Almost Famous gave me the style icons I didn’t know where missing from my life. As an adult, I’ve been on the search for the perfect Penny Lane (one of the main characters of the film + played by the lovely Kate Hudson) coat. After many a thrift, I finally discovered the Almost Famous coat of my daydreams. It’s a jacket that is considered over the top to some, but has the ability to stand out in any crowd in a powerful way. 

In the film, the women call themselves band-aids, not groupies. A band-aid is a woman who worships the music and not the men that create it. Though there is love, romance and heartbreak, an important theme of the movie is the passion for music and female power. This is important for female music-lovers back then and present day.

Just because you are a powerfully-dressed woman with great music taste does not mean you should be subjected to the label "groupie." These women considered themselves band-aids solely for the love of the music, with their style embracing that fact. This is something I truly relate to as a woman who has devoted most of my time to music-listening and live concerts. I’m not here to find a boyfriend or flirt with guys in a band. I’m here to dance and loose myself in the music. 

If you haven’t see Almost Famous, you should. 

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I endlessly enjoy combining new + old styles and everything in between.

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The key is to bring new life to vintage pieces… For example, who says you can't wear two jackets at once?

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Jacket: Vintage (thrifted at Rag-O-Rama)
Jacket #2: Levi's Jean Jacket: (thrifted at Rag-O-Rama)
Bottoms: Levi's
Shoes: Vans

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