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Even though I don’t dip very far into my makeup bag on the day to day, I love getting all done up – especially during the holiday season. Because the holidays offer an opportunity to go a little more glam than usual, in the spirit of all that is merry and bright. And this NARS palette is perfect for creating a variety of holiday styles… Learn how to execute a few of my favorites (complete with festive, wintery names) below!

Spiced Cider

This warm wash of color is something I have been seeing everywhere recently. I used to avoid reddish eyeshadows because I thought they made my eyes look irritated. But recently I have been swayed by the countless photos I’ve seen of women looking chic af with a pop of warmth on the lid. Color me shocked.

To achieve this look, simply prime your eyes or just dot a little concealer on and around your eyelids. Sweep the color WINDSOR, or a similar light peachy-beige, all over to set it. Then grab a crease brush and dip in to the CASTILLE shade, or any warm, light brown. Using small circular motions, blend this throughout your crease until it seamlessly fades into your bare lids. To top things off, pat ALNWICK, or any reddish orange, onto a flat shading brush and sweep it all over the lid. Then, add a little mascara to your lashes and you are runway ready.

First Snowfall

This one is great for year-round, night or day, but for holiday parties it pairs perfectly with a bright red lip. I chose the name because one of my favorite moments in Gilmore Girls is in Season 1 when Lorelai reveals that the arrival of the season’s first snowfall always brings her great luck. She even wakes up in the middle of the night because she can smell the snow approaching. I love this because I am equally neurotic and superstitious. Slash I also sometimes think I can predict the weather using only my intuition. Controversial opinion, I know. Don’t @ me.

As far as the makeup is concerned: You know the drill, prime and prep your eyes. Then sweep WINDSOR all over the lid to set everything in place. Then, on a fluffy brush, blend CASTILLE through your crease until there are no harsh lines. If you want it to be a little bit deeper, you can add some of the dark brown color, MONTAILLOU, to your crease as well. But I personally love the look of a softer, brighter shadow. Whichever you choose, remember to round things out by grabbing your darkest liquid liner, winging it out into a cat eye, and adding mascara. Then, pair with any bright lip color of your choosing!


Chestnuts Roasting

I firmly believe that a good bronzed, smoky eye is something that every makeup lover should have in her arsenal. It’s sultry and mysterious yet also completely approachable, somehow. Pretty much the embodiment of femininity, as far as I’m concerned.  

Again, prime your eyes and dust WINDSOR, or a neutral, beige color, all over the lid to set the product. Then grab DOVER on a small, fluffy brush and run in through your crease. Blend thoroughly. On a more domed brush, blend BEAUMARIS throughout a more concentrated section of the crease, hugging it closely to the deepest part. Add some along your upper and lower lash lines, while you’re at it. Then, on a flat shading brush, pat SPLENDOR across the entire lid and over the outer edges of your lower lash line, as well. Finally, run some black liner over your upper and lower lash lines, add mascara, and voila!

NARS palette styled with the Guaiasilk candle by Overose and one of the three exclusive Lisa Says Gah scents by Boy Smells.

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