astrochat: aries


If you’re feeling like things are reeeeaally starting to heat up around here, it’s because IT’S ARIES SEASON!!!! This year, the Sun entered Aries on March 20 and will say there through April 19. The day the Sun entered Aries also happened to be the Spring Equinox, bringing us some majorly actionable energy. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac in the Astrological calendar. The fire under Aries season encourages us to put it all out there, to fight for what we want, and to embrace being the hot babes we are!

Aries is a cardinal fire sign. Cardinal signs are the initiators. They get shit done and they get it done right away. Combine that with Aries warm intensity and you’ve got yourself a natural born leader. Aries doesn’t back down when faced with a difficult task.  Often they’re moving through things with such zeal and confidence that they don’t have much time to get hung up when things go wrong. They don’t get hung up because they usually blow up.  Aries are known for their lighting-quick tempers. With Mars (named for the god of war) as their ruling planet, an Aries will alllllways call you out. They are masters of confrontation. And I’m honestly so envious of that! Having Mars in charge makes Aries brave and bold. Mars is concerned with how we fight for ourselves. It doesn’t ever consider what we could be up against because it only knows what strength we have. Mars pushes us to charge forward, and Aries rarely stops charging.


Aries is symbolized by the ram—remember...the charging ? ;) They are determined, headstrong and ultra passionate. They don’t mind carrying a heavy load and often will go out of their way to hold up anyone who needs an extra lift. There’s an almost unfathomable amount of physical energy that Aries are capable of putting out into their environments. The work is over when they say it is (ie: never) BUT that doesn’t mean they don’t have a good time! You can usually find an Aries making plans to bring people together.  They’re absolutely fueled by gathering up the rest of the flock, and because they love being in charge, they’ll lead the charge (should I say charge again??) when questions of “where should we go?” or “what should we do?” come up.

The Tarot card associated with Aries is The Emperor. The Emperor is the provider and protector of the deck.  I love this association so much because the Emperor is really Aries at it’s absolute highest and best. Where Aries energy can be so highly reactive, The Emperor tends the flame with masterful care, and when Aries trusts their deeply burning passion and their confidence is rooted, not just a put on, the Emperor shines through. Aries has every bit of power to lead beyond benevolently, the question is, will they? The Emperor shows us where there can be warmth without the burn, especially when we hold the power. 


When channeling Aries energy, go for any and all shades of red. During Aries season, I like to use a mix of energizing and calming crystals. Try carnelian (one of my all time favorite stones!) to help you feel emboldened and warm. Reach for red jasper for endurance and grounding. If you’re calling in ways to make your passions prosperous, go for aventurine. Use citrine to find balance and direction during Aries moments of chaos.


Aries’ ruling body part is the head. And everything that comes with that.  Aries wear their expressions right on their faces, god bless them, so you won’t have to wonder how they’re feeling. And if you can’t read them, chances are high that if you ask, they’ll be more than happy to tell you. There’s a lot of brainpower happening for Aries at all times, which makes it easy to let intuition slip into the background. Use this time to see things practically, to see the order, and make the plan. But take extra care during Aries season to not let messages from the brain (and ego!) get the best of you.  

To start to wrap this up on a personal note, if I could choose to be any sign, I’d choose to be an Aries! I fuck with anyone whose intensity and passion set the world ablaze and Aries always delivers. In romantic relationships, Aries are all about coming in HOT—like ready to marry you the night you meet hot, but if you can’t match what they’re bringing to the table, expect it to fizzle out right away. Aries have to be number one, there is no room for a third wheel or distance. They need your full and undivided attention the moment they ask for it. Expect to receive a hunk of burning love in return if you’re willing to give an Aries what they ask for in terms of time and affection. They’ll give it right back and plan every date you go on! And best believe it will always be at the newest, hippest place in town. They don’t do anything half-assed.

I love the way Aries are constantly in for the scuffle. They’re down get their hands dirty to get the job done and they’ll make it a party for everyone involved while they do it. Aries may be fiercely independent, but they follow through on their word.  For an Aries, it’s never about just showing up and getting through something- it’s about showing up again and again, learning everything they can, to become the best they can.  They don’t shy away from speaking up, ESPECIALLY in defense of others. Aries may be quick to fight, but they will fight for you. They’ll fight for you to be your best the same way they do for themselves. An Aries will be your biggest source of encouragement when you’re ready to throw in the towel. They will fight for those who can’t fight for themselves and they’ll do it so we can all keep climbing together.


An Aries will always go for action. If you can dream it, you can do it, especially if someone else thinks you can’t. Aries season fills us with the exhilarating force to just go—to do the damn thing, and become the best at it. It’s a time to drop the second-guessing and let your impulses have a little fun. There’s something about the happening of Aries season that says “I don’t give a fuck if anyone else like this, I’m gonna do me.” And I like that! Also, Elton John AND Celine Dion AND Aretha Franklin are all Aries and I just don’t think you can argue with that kind of power.

Throughout the process of working through this sign, I thought of all of the Aries I know personally, so often, more often than the other signs I’ve done so far. Ya’ll are some of the most organized, and classiest people I know, despite everything I’ve said here about Aries flying off the handle. I want to say to all of my Aries friends, I am so deeply inspired by the passion you bring to the things you all do. I’m inspired by your drive and the way you stand up for what you believe in. I also want to say: I am well aware that none of the Aries I know would be caught dead in a fluorescent leopard print skirt, but I’m inspired by your bold DGAF attitude and that’s what I really wanted to bring here lol.

In conclusion, HAPPY ARIES SEASON, HOTTIES!!! I hope you feel the fire of your deepest desires rising to the surface, and that you bring that fire out into the world, but maybe don’t actually light anything on fire? I know Aries are not going to listen to that because they love lighting shit on fire, but be safe please! I hope you all step into the things that make you feel brave and powerful.  You are unstoppable in your pursuits, and most importantly, to quote Aries Queen Lady Gaga, “There can be 100 people in the room, and 99 don’t believe in you, *points to Bradley Cooper *, you just need one.” But Aries season is your Bradley Cooper! Aries season believes in you. I hope it brings you boundless activity, head over heels infatuation, and that it ruffles your feathers and the feathers of the person next to you.


Okay, we’re actually at the end now lol. Thank you a million times over to Victoria and Jamie, my photo & glamfam behind each of these shoots! Thank you to hairstylist/artist/colorist extraordinaire Maggie for the hair color captured here (that is oh so Aries). Also, thank you to Verve Jewelry for the gorge necklaces featured in this shoot! AND FINALLY, thank you to YOU! The readers here, for sticking with me all the way to the end of this post. Please keep me posted on all things Aries related, or otherwise, I’m glad to hear it all. But I’d especially love to hear your most Aries moments, stories about your favorite Aries people, and anything that’s got an Aries vibe that you experience during this season! Playlist and moodcollage comin atcha next week! Until then… loving you all, obsessively for an hour while planning the rest of our lives together and then immediately forgetting you exist, like an Aries would.