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Hello again, flufers, and welcome to your APRIL HOROSCOPE!!! We’re starting to really settle into that sweet spring feeling. Buds are blossoming and the sun lingers in the sky a little longer each day, but what is April bring for us in terms of sky stuff? Well, I’m here to tell ya! But, just to pick up where we left off…The Sun has entered Aries (ramping up reaction, sex appeal, and conflict), Uranus has entered Taurus, leaving us wondering how to once and for all best manage our finances, and our final Full Moon was in Libra, helping us balance our dreams with our actions.  

We are finally out of Mercury Retrograde—but don’t count your chickens before they hatch! They hatch on the New Moon, occurring April 5 in Aries, by the way. Even though the shadow period typically lasts another week or two, I’m firmly feeling that this Aries New Moon will propel us to cut all ties to our most recent retrograde, taking with us what we’ve learned from it of course. On April 10, Jupiter, one of our more social planets, goes retrograde, having us examine our recent relationship with faith, hope, and charity. Mercury leaves floaty Pisces and enters speedy Aries on April 17 helping pick up the pace on everything communication related.

We’re blessed with another Full Moon in Libra, giving us another opportunity to find balance and make peace with wherever it’s lacking in our lives. On April 20, The Sun enters Taurus and Venus enters Aries. The Sun in Taurus encourages us to delight in each and every Earthly pleasure, while Venus in Aries has the potential to raise tension in the bedroom. Pluto goes retrograde on April 24, bringing us a chance to dig deep into our internal and external power struggles, and finally, Saturn retrogrades on April 29, reminding us that less can be more, especially in moments of wanting more, more, more.

Just like last month, I pulled a Tarot card for each sign to guide us through April. April is sure to bring many fires that need putting out, but since we’re starting the month in Aries, put on that sexy firefighter Halloween costume you’ve still got in a closet somewhere and let’s get to tending those flames baby!



Page of Cups

Though it may not feel the most natural, start to do the work to tune into your intuition. It might feel clunky or confusing, but that little voice creeping into your thoughts is coming through for a reason. You don’t have to focus on it super hard, but if you keep seeing patterns, repeating numbers, or the same person is coming up in thought or conversation, don’t be afraid to dig into the why. How often are we jumping to conclusions or just leaping without looking before really considering who (or what) might be in that path besides us? Once you’ve reached the why of these occurrences, then go for the action of it. As an Aries, you thrive on movement, but take some time before you act. This is also a time to let yourself be surprised, and maybe, if you can tolerate it, let yourself really feel all those feelings! The Sun is shining down on you in your season, let your creativity shine though. The flowers are blooming and the energy of new projects is manifesting all around you.  As long as you’re tuning into the reason behind this energy, whatever manifests will be fully you.


The Sun

First, I have to say, I absolutely love this pull for Taurus. Though The Sun doesn’t enter your sign until later this month, start to luxuriate in every bit of the goodness of spring right now. When The Sun is in your favor, you’re truly calling in the abundance you so crave. Before you start thinking about every scenario or way you can make money or collect things you think hold value, take some time to focus on what you’ve already got. How incredibly fortunate it is that you are here, in this moment, with the sweet smell of fresh flowers around you and sunshine on your skin. Feeling the Earth, all it encompasses, the energy and wonder it is capable of, is what you do best, Taurus.  When you focus on those things, everything else comes easily. You see, you already have everything you could ever need. Prosperity is all around you—in the singing of birds, in the fruits of this new season, in each new shade of green you see. Now is the time to celebrate. Gather those you love, hold them close, and tell them how much they mean to you, because they will be more than ready to do the same for you when you put it out there.



Geminis are represented by the twins for a reason. Now is the time to reconcile with whichever parts of yourself feel polarizing or disconnected from one another. If you tend to do it all or nothing, may I suggest *gasp* a little moderation? Use this month to spend equal amounts of time in your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. I know that may seem impossible, but stay with me. You, Gemini, are one of the most open-minded signs of the Zodiac. You don’t just see two sides of a coin, you see the coin in multiple dimensions and values. What happens if you stop judging the thoughts that seem to wild to share? Let yourself sit fully with your shadow and give it equal space with your radiance. Once you’ve felt them both equally, walk it back into the middle. If there’s a piece of yourself or your relationships you give priority, try switching up the focus and take note of what that brings you.


Eight of Wands

This is all about lightning quick action. Been thinking about taking a trip? Book it. Wanting to sign up for that course? Take the leap. Holding back on telling someone you love them? Spit it out! You truly feel it all, Cancer, sometimes to the detriment of doing anything about the things you feel. But not this month! The wait is over if you’ve been holding out on hearing some news. Whether it’s good or bad, be open to whatever messages are coming your way. Keep in mind that if it’s not the message you wanted to hear, hope is not lost. You still hold power in every situation. Especially ones where you are the main focus! The overall message here is that for April at least, movement is not only necessary, it is inevitable. Don’t fight the feeling. Use this time to identify the kinds of movements that make you feel your best and start to acknowledge that making moves doesn’t always have to mean completely leaving your comfort zone. Sometimes it just looks like keeping a promise you made to yourself.


Six of Cups

Alright Leo, let’s think back to your earliest memory of a time you felt truly safe. Wrap yourself up in it. That’s the kind of safety you deserve, always. It doesn’t have to be extreme, but this month is all about re-connecting to those simple childhood comforts for you. When was the last time you checked in on your inner child? Are they doing alright in there? Or have they been left in the dust for a bigger, better, shinier life? You can have it all, Leo. But in your quest to take on the world, it will serve you to remember where you started. We were all just cubs once! Connecting to those parts of us that first felt nourishment and care can help us find balance in the chaos of our adult lives. What was your favorite after school snack? Make it at least once for yourself this month. What was the first book you can remember feeling inspired by? Re-read it. Think back to the first crush you ever had that liked you back. Just hold that moment and let that kind of tenderness wash over you. You don’t do it often, but it’s okay to look back every now and then, especially when it shows you how far you’ve come.


The Hermit

No lie, Virgo, this month may be a bit of a wild ride for your order and organization loving self. The best thing you can do for yourself this month is take a break when it gets to be too much. Recognize the beginning of the moment you’re starting to feel drained. There is no reason to burn yourself out, even if you’re in full pursuit of your dreams. In those moments you find yourself alone, relish it. Seek it out. Go somewhere completely by yourself and just take it all in. Feel no pressure to accomplish anything (easy to say, I know) and let yourself feel present moment to moment so you can really be aware of how you’re showing up in your surroundings. Moments of pause don’t have to be long. They don’t have to be planned, but they work best if they’re intentional. Getting to the root of your stress will help you identify it quicker and speak to your needs in the moment. And when you take those moments of intentional pause, use it as a time to recharge. Call in sick if you need to, mental health days are necessary in this fast-paced world. If you’re working yourself to the bone, ask yourself what it’s for and if it’s worth it. Pausing doesn’t mean stopping forever, it means taking a breath to re-align with your purpose.


Two of Pentacles

You are living up to what you do best this month, Libra, finding the balance, especially in money matters. How have the last few weeks looked for you financially? The habits you’ve started to develop during these first few weeks of Uranus in Taurus are likely to stick, so now is the time to evaluate if you’re finding enough balance there. You know it better than anyone: play makes work a lot more fun. When you feel the ways you’re create financial abundance align with things you’re passionate about, there is no limit to your success. Now is a good time to check in on whether the work you’re doing aligns with you ethically. Do you believe in the message behind whatever entity is signing your check? If yes, that’s amazing, there is so much gratitude to be held for that. If not, use this month to start thinking about what kind of work you’d like to get into that feels purposeful and has a mission you support and believe in. And if you’re having a hard time finding it, it’s time to start building it yourself.


The Hierophant

Now is the time to return to rituals, Scorpio. Rituals of any and all kind. It could be solidifying your morning routine. It could be setting aside time to FaceTime your family at least once a week, or it could be a full-blown setting the altar affair and creating space in your home to meditate and reflect. This month, these rituals may feel best when rooted in a like-minded community. If it’s been a while since you’ve engaged in any sort of practice with others, put yourself out there this month! It could be anything from a yoga class or going back to church. Use this time to seek out the kinds of communities you’d like to be a part of. If you’ve been doing the same things with the same group of people, mix it up. Reach out to an old group of friends or introduce yourself to someone new in whatever community space you find yourself in! Talk to the people around you. For Scorpios, it can be easy to sit back and watch while everything moves around you. But what happens if you just get in the mix? There are serious connections to be made there! Take time this month to see the way you react and the way you act. Appreciate the uniqueness you bring to everything you do.



Knight of Swords

This is one of the cards Sagittarius most embodies, which means your energy is coming up just as you truly are, Sagittarius! You’re feeling right at home in your fellow fire sign’s season and ready to charge ahead at every plan you’ve been making lately. But before you charge ahead, ask yourself, what are you really charging at?  Are these plans fully formed or only half-baked? You tend to get impulsive when you think you want something, but take some time to reflect on if you’ll still want that thing (that person, that business plan) six months from now. Thinking in the long term can be tough, but if you sit with your impulses before you jump, you’ll feel a big shift in the way you appreciate things. While the energy in the air is prime for taking action, you want to make sure this action is something you can follow through on. Take some time this month to check in with yourself before you go off on someone.  It’s so easy to react to the energy that someone’s giving you, but if you can remind yourself in the moment to bring a little compassion to frustrating situations, you’ll feel a lot better post-conflict knowing you were the bigger person.


Five of Wands

This card can appear when we’re feeling a little unsure about which path is right for us. The answer is, there is no right path, they all lead us somewhere worth learning about, which can be extremely frustrating for seriously goal-oriented Capricorn. You might be so busy hearing the grand chorus of other people’s voices (opinions, perceptions, and choices) that you’re having a hard time hearing your own voice clearly above it all. This can feel like uncharted territory for you, as one of the most grounded signs. Take some time to re-ground and remember your own stability and sureness. Get outside, connect with the earth, especially the mountains if they’re available to you. If they’re not, just get yourself somewhere with a view, so you can take a minute to look over it all and remind yourself that the world may have a million moving pieces, but you hold the power to be both above it—seeing through —and deeply rooted in the Earth’s life giving energy. If you’re feeling a power struggle, try not to get caught up on who holds dominance. In the end, it really doesn’t matter. Dominance is one of those tricky things that’s much more fleeting than it initially appears. It’s more perception than reality. If you’re having conflict with someone who you feel is dominating you, try mentally flipping the script and focusing on the power you hold.


Four of Swords

You have to REST, Aquarius! Have you done this at all since the year began? You love taking advantage of an opportunity and have limitless ideas, but which of those opps and ideas are really serving you? Not just serving the physical in the moment, but serving your soul, serving your highest and best self? When opportunities arise this month, take pause before you leap. You won’t miss out on anything that’s meant for you if you’re spending time working with your own magic. It’s imperative that you charge your own batteries. That way, when you return to serving others, you know the reason why and you aren’t just going through the motions. Especially for those of you who are teachers or group leaders, as so many Aquarians are, take time outside of your workspace to reset and refresh, so you can renew those lesson plans and passion points. And if you can stand it, practice saying “no” this month.  You are not obligated to see anyone or do anything that doesn’t light you up. If the FOMO is too real, sit with that, and ask yourself what you’re actually afraid of missing out on.


Knight of Rods

Facing fierce action may feel way out of your usual wheelhouse, Pisces, and that’s exactly why it’s time to lean into it. Recently the Sun shifted out of Pisces, and Mercury and Venus leave Pisces this month and move into one of your most opposite signs, Aries. So while you spent last month feeling extra comfy and safe, this month offers big change ups and fresh starts. Ride that fiery energy all the way through April. To put it in some Pisces friendly terms—spend some time role playing as your foil, just for a night maybe, and see how that feels. What if you said yes? Cut yourself off when you start coming up with reasons to disconnect from people? This is not the time to retreat. It’s the time to step up to the plate and acknowledge that you can do anything. You don’t have to just fantasize about it, you can really do the thing. When faced with conflict or uncomfortable situations, play your foil and handle it as if you weren’t worrying about disagreements. Fight like you came to fight and eliminate the “what-ifs.” Lift yourself from that comfy weird waterbed, Pisces and get a little loud this month!

I hope you all have an AMAZING April, flufers! Make sure to read the ’scopes for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs! Keep me posted on how things are going and how these are resonating for you. There is never a bad time to start over and you can use these extra hours of daylight to celebrate all things green and spring. I can’t wait to meet the people we’ve become by the end of this month. Love you so much, for real.



Flower photos by Taylor Mikiska
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