call me ms. grundy

ms grundy riverdale inspired outfit1
ms grundy riverdale inspired outfit2
ms grundy riverdale inspired outfit3
ms grundy riverdale inspired outfit4

Okay honestly #1 Riverdale is back today and I am unashamed to say that I am way too excited about its return. My new not-so-guilty pleasure obsession that contains the perfect level of cheese and Cole Sprouse.

#2 Part of me feels like Ms. Grundy was kind of a dumb overly-sappy character in that show and another part of me just like loves her whole style. The terrible glasses, the cellos, the punch buggy. I'm into it.

#3 Totally unrelated to Riverdale - the Dutch delft ring is one I picked up at Classy Clutter in my hometown, the gold flower ring is one my mom brought me from a trip to Italy, the top is by APC, and the dress I layered it over is by Rachel Craven - two of my big summer investment pieces that I am happily continuing to wear through pre-fall and beyond.

Happy teen soap watching!

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