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My loyal family of Anglomaniacs and I have been committed to watching Downton Abbey every week from January through March for the past few years. Even when two favorite characters ungratefully up and DIED in Season Three, we “kept calm and carried on” with our fanaticism. And I will have to say, in my completely unbiased opinion, the show is still as fabulous as ever.

The show's number one fashion moment to date was undoubtedly when the rebel of the family, Sybil, wore Turkish-inspired PANTALOONS (aka harem pants) to dinner in lieu of a dress. *gasp* How man-repelling of her! The costume designers based her outfit off of a real 1870s ensemble by legendary designer Charles Worth, which later became widely popular through Paul Poiret's 1002nd night” party in 1911.

Even the servants are well-dressed. Rumor has it that the modern day Buckingham Palace staff is jealous of the Downton staff’s uniforms.

Completely beside the point but no less important - Rose (also known as Lily Aldrige here in the 21st century) is also playing Cinderella, which it comes out in two weeks and I CAN'T WAIT.

And then Lady Mary, my / everyone’s uncontested favorite character, gets her own slideshow because she’s such a babe. Master manipulator & hierarchy navigator. She always gets what she wants. Or at least makes it look like this is all just part of her master plan.

Long before Taylor Swift decided to stand on a horse, Lady Mary Crawley rode sidesaddle in a full dress coat and looked like a freaking badass. Mary that the patriarchy sucks, but she proves she’s as good as the boys even while impaired by ridiculous side-sitting and beautiful long coats and all that nonsense. Amazing.

Her hair is a little bit Star Wars sometimes but when you have that much confidence, class, and sass, you’re basically capable of pulling anything off. Especially her bob that finally happens this season. I’ve been waiting for it since this conversation way back in season two.

Boom! Down(ton) with the patriarchy! ;) ;) ;)

lady sarah

PS: Don’t forget the time that George Clooney hung out with the Downton cast & made a hilarious British charity ad … amazing.

Vintage flapper-style dress hand sewn by my grandmother. 
Photos of me by Stay Fierce
All other images are from the
Downton Abbey show, website, & behind the scenes pictures by Nick Briggs, unless otherwise noted.