what the fluf


Welcome to tha new blawg.
By that I mean: Welcome to the same blawg with a new name.
Sometimes you just gotta spice up your life, you know?


Alternative Titles:
“My Head is Full of Fluf” or “What the Fluf am I doing here”
a poem that’s not really a poem 

By Sarah Crawford

I am usually late but not on purpose.
Not fashionably late. More like out of breath and still in my pjs late.

My nail polish is constantly chipped and I don’t like to shave my legs.
No one can tell the difference. Seriously.

I basically never brush my hair, but sometimes I comb it with my fingers! :D

I follow high fashion but I am also, by definition, a bit of a basic bitch.
Emojis, Ugg boots, Nike shorts, and Taylor Swift lyrics that no one wants to see on social media … You name it, I love it.

I daydream a lot and doodle in class.
I may not know a lot about statistics because of this,
but I do have a lot of pretty drawings on notebook paper and a few different plans for world domination.

I’m usually kind of all over the place –
not in a manic pixie dream girl kind of way,
in a I’m a normal human and I have a lot going on kind of way.

I often wish I was one of those girls who constantly looks put-together
and then I remember that those girls are a myth
and unicorns are more likely to be real than a person who actually has all of their shit together.
So I decide I am ok with being a Fluf girl.

Welcome to a blog about what goes on in my head, otherwise known as The Fluf.


Outfit: Anthropologie anorak (sold out … similar here aaaand here) . Old Pim + Larkin dress (similar here) . Old H&M booties (similar from Zara here) .  

Pictures by Catie Stewart, my domestic partner / photographer / therapist / best friend who makes this whole thing possible.

*Fun side note: my adorable & angelic dog Lady started eating some sort of strange animal poop about 3 minutes into the photo shoot. #glamorous