ice & fire

Screw spring, WINTER IS COMING. 

I saw the Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere last week at an early screening for UGA’s Peabody Awards (go dawgs). And I can safely say this season is going to be juicier and bloodier than anything you’ve seen thus far.

A few teasers for ya:

Cersei has a little #flashbackfriday and it might have been my favorite scene. Prepare yourselves.

2. Old Cersei, Young Margaery
I live for this dynamic. As always, Margaery slays & Cersei tries to make as many people miserable as possible.

2. Tyrion goes for a grungy hipster look.
And finally gets out of that box to find out where Varys the baldie is taking him.

3. Daenerys
Dany looks HOTT AF while her kingdom flounders, Daario Naharis makes a clothesless appearance, & everyone’s favorite ship, Grey Worm + Missandei, has a moment. 

4. Sansa
Undoubtedly the most improved character on this show – her badass transformation continues in season 5.

Please, for the gods’ sake, don't kiss that slimeball again.

Please, for the gods’ sake, don't kiss that slimeball again.

5. POD!
What a cutie. Even if he is constantly sporting a medieval version of the long sleeve / short sleeve t-shirt combo.


6. Jon Snow
Jon’s still wearing that smelly black fur coat & Melisandre’s still simultaneously trying to seduce him and burn everyone else. So much drama.

ok, crazy eyes...

ok, crazy eyes...

As any good premiere should, episode 1 left me wanting a lot more.
I dunno how bad Theon’s castration felt, but I imagine my pain waiting three long weeks to see episode 2 is pretty close to that.

People who aren’t in the premiere but I can’t wait to see:

1. Arya. Total makeover like omg so exciting

Photo by    Marc Hom for EW

Photo by Marc Hom for EW

2. Ellaria Sand & The Sand Snakes
Hell hath no fury like a woman who watched her lover’s brains get squeezed out AM I RITE LADIEZ. Oberyn also conveniently had 8 bastard daughters - all deadly assassins.

3. Myrcella & Dorne
 She’s been MIA since Tyrion shipped her off to Dorne, aka this beautiful Spanish palace, in season 2. Now we finally get to meet her betrothed. Real interested to see whose side she’ll take in this whole skull-crushing debacle.

4. Bran
LOL JK THAT GUY IS THE WORST. Kinda miss Hodor but really that whole storyline bores me to tears. #sorrynotsorry 

AND FINALLY, here are the best trailers to watch in case you’ve been hiding under a rock and haven’t seen them yet:


All photos from Helen Sloan for HBO, found on Vanity Fair