As a kid I was always annoyed when my mom dragged us to DC instead of on some exotic beach cruise for family vacation (I was a very pleasant and low maintenance child). But I've grown to love the city so much over the past few years, especially on my most recent visit. Cuz HISTORY IS COOL, DOODZ.

A few of my favorite DC things:

1. The National Gallery, always
I love art history, so The National Gallery is my number one stop every time. I never get tired of staring at anything Monet. 

2. The Library of Congress
Literally unbelievable. The main attraction really isn’t the books but the architecture and art all over the walls. It’s the most beautiful building in DC and I think that speaks to the importance of public access to education in our country. 

3. The tiny museums under the Lincoln & Jefferson Memorials
The one under the Lincoln brought me to tears. It’s amazing to think how this man & his legacy have been a rallying point for equality movements across centuries in America. 
So moving & so relevant.

Standing where Martin Luther King gave his I Have a Dream speech is a must.

4. The World War II Memorial
Take your time here. Read the names and the quotes. You just have to experience it for yourself. 

5. The First Ladies’ Dresses, of course
Found at the Museum of American History, along with the huge ass American flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write The Star Spangled Banner. Here’s hoping we’ll see a First Man’s suit in there sometime soon… ;)

6. The food!
The Old Ebbitt Grill is a classic.
Also highly recommend Founding Farmers’ life-altering fried chicken and mac and cheese. And their brie appetizer with sweet Vidalia onion jam.
Old Town Alexandria's Bilbo Baggins restaurant is adorable if you’re a fan of Middle Earth or just of barbeque pizza.

7. A parting note:
The White House is most beautiful (and least crowded) at night.
I love imagining Joe taking ice cream breaks between meetings in there and Barack showcasing his not-so-secret talent of making terrifyingly hilarious faces while reading Sasha and Malia bedtime stories

Shout out to Mollie, one of my oldest and best friends, for hosting me. She’s well on her way to becoming part-time POTUS, part-time food blogger, full-time best dressed citizen of DC