dedicated to all our valentines

L O O K O U T , L O V E R S

WE LOVE LOVE! The beginning, the middle... hell, even the ending of it (we wouldn't have any amazing historic albums without gut-wrenching breakups, folks)! Here's a playlist that we all made together for this month of love and friendship. Because if you're like us, you know that the best part of being in love, or falling out of it, is the many soundtracks those affairs create in your life.

Enjoy our lovingly-chosen sonic rollercoaster: get hysterical with Tennis, cool with Chloe and Halle, epic with Rae Morris, moody-but-dancey with Blondie and Lorde, soft and beautiful and depressed with Sufjan Stevens a la Call Me By Your NameMay these songs transport you back to a certain sexy place and time, or a future one that you can't wait to get to. Let the longing commence!